Dads to the Rescue! Memorable Mother’s Day

by | May 8, 2024

Dad, admit it…sometimes figuring out the perfect way to show your wife and mother of your children how much you appreciate her can feel daunting. Here are some fantastic ideas to make Mother’s Day a truly memorable one, all with the enthusiastic (and sometimes messy) help of your little ones.

Breakfast in Bed (With a Twist)

Let’s take breakfast in bed up a notch. Involve the kids in planning a special menu the night before. Let your little William Kentridges decorate cards with heartfelt messages for Mom. The next morning, team up with your mini chefs to whip up something simple yet delicious, like pancakes or waffles. Remember, the burnt edges and lopsided shapes are all part of the charm. Serve this with her gift, and yes, you need to complete the experience, do the dishes, and clean the kitchen. Remember, you can get the kids done, too. You’ve got this.

Crafting with Love

Kids love getting creative, and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to unleash their inner artists. Head to the Crazy Store together and pick up some fun craft ideas. Help them create a masterpiece for Mom, be it a hand-painted picture frame, a decorated flower pot, or even a homemade coupon book filled with promises of “free back rubs” or “breakfast duty.”

A Day of Pampering

Give mom a well-deserved break with a spa day. You can also opt for a DIY Spa Day. Run a warm bath with soothing Epsom salts and some relaxing essential oils. Get the kids out of the freshly cleaned house as she sips refreshing herbal tea before you make brunch for her (oh, and the dishes afterwards, too – we think you get the picture now).

Here are some ways to create more lasting memories.

Family Movie Marathon (and you know we love a twist, thank you, internet). Do the movie marathon picnic style, weather permitting, of course. Spread blankets on the living room floor, pop popcorn, and gather your favourite snacks. Let the kids pick out a few movies Mom enjoys and snuggle up for a day of laughter and togetherness. 

Remember the small touches that show Mama you care no matter what activity you choose. Take care of the chores – laundry, dishes, you name it – so she can truly relax. Let the kids write short poems or stories expressing their love for Mom.  The most important thing is for her to feel seen and heard.

She’s a mom and partner every day, and studies show that today, women still shoulder most of household work and “family management” while holding down a job. So, dads, use the above magic touch this “mama’s day.”