Budget Babymoon

by | May 8, 2024

So, you’re about to enter the world of parenting. It’s life-altering, as we’re sure you’ve heard. Don’t be frightened by everything you read online or hear about how hard it is. Has anything truly worth it in life come easy? 

Think about it. You’ve written endless exams and tests to test your knowledge at school or varsity. You’ve done a test to pass your driver’s license, and you’ve applied your mind at work to be efficient at what you do, so parenting comes with challenges, but ultimately, there’s so much more joy that makes it worthwhile. So before the nights of broken sleep and endless diaper changes (sorry, it comes with the territory, but you will survive), carve out some precious time for you and your partner. 

Ok, we hear you! MamaMagic, where’s the budget for a babymoon. Scrap what the PINTEREST boards are showing you (ok, keep the vision alive but for a different vacation. What if we told you there’s a way to experience pure relaxation and reconnect as a couple without the hefty price tags? Strap in because we’re diving into the world of the at-home babymoon.

Transforming Your Abode into a Sanctuary

Imagine stepping into your bedroom, not as a familiar space but as a luxurious spa retreat. Here’s how to set the mood:

  • Dim the lights and unleash the aromatherapy:  Swap harsh overhead lighting for soft lamps or string lights. Light some scented candles. Pop warm battery-operated fairy lights into mason jars. The low flickering light and soothing fragrances instantly create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Luxuriate in Comfort:  Invest in high-thread-count sheets, plump up your pillows, and consider adding a cosy throw blanket for extra snuggles.

The Art of Pampering: A Spa Day for Two

Now that the ambience is set, it’s time to indulge in some well-deserved pampering:

  • DIY Spa Treatments:  Whip up a homemade sugar scrub (thank you, PINTEREST). Give each other relaxing massages (check with your healthcare practitioner about safe massage practices) using luxurious lotions, or create a DIY facial mask with ingredients like honey, yoghurt, and avocado. 
  • The Power of a Warm Bath:  Draw a warm bath and add Epsom salts for muscle relaxation. Light some candles around the tub, add a few bath bombs for a touch of fizz, and let the calming essential oils work their magic. Put on some relaxing music to create a truly spa-like experience.

A Culinary Adventure: Globally Inspired Meals at Home

Food is a love language, so why not transform your kitchen into a world-class restaurant?

  • Themed Dinner Night:  Pick a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting for your babymoon and create a themed dinner night around it. Research traditional dishes from that region and get your partner to create a menu featuring those flavours. For example, if Italy is your dream destination, pizza, pasta and gelato are heavenly. Go with some table decor to match your destination. 

Capturing Memories for a Lifetime

Your budget babymoon is an experience worth cherishing. Here are some ways to capture the memories:

  • DIY Maternity Photoshoot:  Set up a simple yet elegant backdrop at home using fairy lights, soft fabrics, or even some balloons. Take turns capturing candid photos of each other, or set up a timer and strike some poses together. Get some friends involved. 
  • The Babymoon Time Capsule: Fill a decorative box with mementoes from your babymoon. Include photos from your themed dinner night, handwritten love notes to your future baby, and any other trinkets that capture the essence of your at-home escape. Bury the time capsule in your backyard (or store it safely) and plan to open it together after your baby has arrived. 

Prioritising relaxation and connection is the key to a memorable and peaceful budget, at-home babymoon. Turn off your phones, delegate chores to a friend or family member, and let yourselves truly unwind.