Bloom! A Mom’s Journey to Rediscovering Herself

by | May 8, 2024

Do you ever feel like motherhood has swallowed your whole identity? You’re not alone. Many moms struggle to find time for themselves and reconnect with the things they loved before parenthood. It’s a constant battle but a worthwhile one. This is my story of rediscovering myself as “Mama Bloomz.”

Growing up, my happy place was the garden. I’d spend hours with my dad, admiring his handiwork and picking flowers to arrange in vases. The vibrant colours and sweet scents brought warmth into our home. By high school, I was hooked. Participating in the annual Jeppe High School for Girls flower show opened up a whole new world. I learned about floral foam (“oasis”), new cutting techniques, and different arrangement styles. It was exhilarating, a pure joy to experiment and create.

My early successes fueled a hidden talent, but self-doubt held me back. I earned “commended” and even a few first-place awards, but imposter syndrome kept me from pursuing a floral business. Even with encouragement from loved ones, the fear of not being good enough took over.

Fast forward to my wedding day. Choosing to arrange my own bouquet and centrepieces rekindled the spark. I realised my skills could bring joy to others beyond my family. While initially offering my services as gifts to friends getting married, motherhood became the turning point.

With the arrival of my first son, the “Mama Bloomz” concept I blossomed. Motherhood empowered me to chase my dreams. I started creating more arrangements, and after my second son, I finally took the leap and gave my business a name.

“Mama Bloomz” reflects how motherhood helped me flourish. It’s about believing in myself and pursuing my passions, all while inspiring other moms to do the same. As an occupational therapist, I help mothers reconnect with their identities and discover their purpose.

In the beautiful journey of motherhood, don’t lose sight of yourself. Make time for those pre-mom hobbies, rediscover your talents, and JUST BLOOM, MAMA! It’s for you, your children, and the joy you bring to the world.

With love,

Your OT Boy Mama