Iron levels during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the risk of developing iron deficiency anaemia increases considerably. Tennille Aron spoke to Dr Corné Brink to find out why pregnant women are prone to developing this condition, and how they can avoid developing it by maintaining good iron levels....

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What to expect after a c-section?

Even if you’ve planned normal vaginal delivery, you might end up having a C-section. Doula Donna Bland gives you the low-down on what to expect. Mothers have Caesarean sections for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, each new mother should prepare herself...

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Mommy brain: Mystery or myth?

Mommy brain, pregnancy brain or placenta brain, whatever you might call it, the bad news is that it does exist. However Nadia Scrooby writes, the good news is that though it may feel overwhelming at the time, it is temporary and necessary for all moms. Mommy brain,...

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Nature versus nurture: the importance of potential

Your child is born with a particular genetic make-up, but that’s not the sole determining factor of his future. The way you raise him can help him to reach his full potential, writes educator Nadia Scrooby. Becoming a family is not only about having children, it is...

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Why do I feel this way?

Pregnancy isn’t just the physical changes to your body as the baby grows. It also plays havoc with your emotions. Clinical psychologist Michelle Nortje gives you the lowdown on what to expect. During pregnancy woman often experience a myriad of emotions, from intense...

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What to expect from a home birth

Not everyone wants to bring their little one into the world under the glare of hospital lights. Natalie Nelson speaks to two midwives to find out what home births are all about. A big congratulations on your pregnancy, mommy-to-be! Now is the best time to consider...

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To Keep or Not to Keep – That is the Question

Most new moms want to keep everything involving the birth and the first few years of their precious little ones’ lives: from tiny locks of hair (acceptable) to nail clippings and their first lip ‘peel’ (not acceptable). What are the most notable keepsakes? Here are a...

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Pregnancy Pilates – What are the benefits?

Keeping fit is important when you’re pregnant. Pilates instructor Lee Zylstra explains why this is a great form of exercise for pregnant women. Pilates and pregnancy go together exceptionally well, as the areas we focus on are stamina, flexibility, breathing...

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Room to Grow: Ideas for decorating your nursery

Creating a nursery is a wonderful journey. Kerry Hayes explores how to plan nursery décor that can evolve as your baby grows. Setting up your baby’s nursery is one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of parenthood – paging through magazine spreads or...

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