Do Children Need Pets?

Yes, yes, and yes again! If at all possible, let your child have a pet. Technology means relationships with screens, but that cannot compare to sharing your life and bonding with a little ball of fur or fluff, writes Sabine Warren. “Children who grow up with pets are...

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Organised Chaos: Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

It’s not just cake and candles anymore – planning a toddler’s party these days can be quite a job. Yashmitha Padayachee chatted to some of South Africa’s best party planners and got their top tips. Planning a party can be overwhelming and costly. There are so many...

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When food becomes the enemy

Discovering that your child has a food allergy can be daunting. However it is important to understand what a food allergy is and how to recognise them. Kerry Hayes finds out why food allergies develop and how to be prepared for them.  Food allergies are common in...

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What My Children Have Taught Me

We do a fair amount of teaching our children, but the truth is, they teach us just as much – about all kinds of things explains Terence Mentor, aka Afrodaddy. Parenting comes with many tasks. Feeding, cleaning and desperately trying not to lose your patience are the...

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10 gifts you won’t find in the shops!

We always think of gifts in terms of things – things we buy and wrap and give to our children. But clinical psychologist Michelle Nortje says there are at least 10 things you can give your child that will be far more meaningful, and they won’t cost a cent! Receiving...

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The Supermom Myth: Its okay to not be the perfect mother

The Supermom Myth: Its okay to not be the perfect mother Clinical psychologist Michelle Nortje tackles the myth of the Supermom and provides an alternative perspective on mothering – one in which your child still turns out well-adjusted even though you’re not perfect....

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The ABCs of Burns

Burns are a devastating form of trauma. These injuries are associated with high mortality rates, physical disabilities, lengthy rehabilitation as well as cosmetic disfigurement. Burning can happen in an instant, but it can be prevented by always being vigilant and...

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Managing Your Own Separation Anxiety

When the time comes to send your child to school, you might have a few strategies to help them cope with separation anxiety, but what about your own? Dr Laura Markham discusses her “12-Step Programme for Moms”, offering advice on how to manage the emotions of being...

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