The dummy dilemma: should you use a dummy or not?

There’s a lot of controversy and confusion around whether babies should use dummies, and when. Paediatric sleep consultant Nicci Proome considers the issue from all angles. People seem to have a lot to say about the use of a dummy. However, the for and against camps...

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How to prevent childhood obesity

Worldwide, childhood obesity is a problem, and in South Africa, in particular, this is a major concern. Registered dietician Linda Drummond tells us how you can ensure your children are not affected by this global epidemic. No parent decides that their child should be...

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Surviving Night-time Feeds

No one likes to get up in the middle of the night to feed a hungry baby, but the physiological fact of the matter is that babies do need food around the clock. Lactation consultant Erica Neser gives you pointers to make night-time feeding as seamless as possible....

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Baby-led Weaning 101

Weaning your baby onto solid foods can be done on a continuum from very structured to totally unstructured. Dietician and lactation consultant Deidre Lindeque walks us through baby-led weaning. Baby-led weaning (BLW) is a somewhat cheesy term for just letting your...

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Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

If you’ve had your baby and still look pregnant, the problem could be Diastasis Recti. Teixeira Murray finds out what you need to know about this condition from Jeremy Kern, private physiotherapist at Kern and Co, Flora Mayo Clinic, and biokineticist Che Bresler,...

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Nappy Rash: Prevention & Treatment

While it’s not a serious ailment, nappy rash can be incredibly uncomfortable for your little one. Pippa Naudé tells us  how to treat it quickly and effectively. According to UK National Health Service statistics, up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies develop...

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Developing your baby’s Gross and Fine motor skills

Within the first year of an infant’s life, she goes from not being able to roll at birth, to walking independently just 12 months later. Paediatric neurologist Dr Amith Keshave explains how these gross and fine motor skills develop over your baby’s first year. In the...

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5 Common Reasons Your Baby is Crying

Babies cry for many reasons. Kerry Hayes explores some of the main ones, and gives advice on how to soothe your little one when they are feeling unsettled. Your baby is the most precious thing to you, so to hear them crying tears at your heart. You will do just about...

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Happy talk: how your baby’s speech develops

We wait in anticipation for our babies’ gurgles to turn into speech, but how does it all develop? Paediatric neurologist Dr Amith Keshave explains the process. Speech and language development is initially not as apparent as a child’s motor milestones. It may not even...

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Don’t Scratch That Itch:

When Your Baby Has Eczema Babies with eczema are irritable, restless and don’t sleep very well thanks to their itchy skin. Childbirth educator, family wellness coach and specialist in childhood immunisations, Sister Louise Archary, tells you what you need to know...

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Dad -Time Makes for Healthier Kids

When people think about bonding with a newborn, images of a mother and her baby tend to come to mind. But it’s also vital for fathers to spend quality time bonding with their babies, writes daddy blogger Don Dinnematin. As a new dad, there were quite a few worries...

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There are few things as frightening as seeing a baby or a toddler gasping for breath. We talked to the Allergy Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) to find out everything you need to know about asthma. Most of us have an idea of what an acute asthma attack looks like,...

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