What an Eyesore! Treating Conjunctivitis & More

by | Dec 8, 2022

In this episode, Dr Kevanya Coopoo talks us through that itchy, red eye and conjunctivitis. Enjoy this quick read and watch the full power-packed episode to discover how you can help your little one. 

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the lining of the eye. These can be either bacterial or viral causes that lead to an eye infection. Alternatively, conjunctivitis can be a result of allergies. When an eye infection occurs due to allergies, it’s known as allergic conjunctivitis and is related to hay fever.

The signs and symptoms of eye infection and conjunctivitis

  • Usually, with an infectious cause, one or both eyes may be red. 
  • With viral infections, your little one may experience a watery eye. 
  • When it comes to a bacterial infection, you will probably notice a green or yellow discharge that forms a bit of crust around the eye. 
  • If your child is old enough to talk, they may complain of burning or scratchy eyes that are pretty painful.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis may be extremely itchy and watery and occur in both eyes. 

Treating itchiness and redness

  • It’s critical to remember not to put anything into your child’s eye without consulting your doctor first. They may need an antibiotic eye cream or drops your doctor prescribed to put into or around the eye. 
  • To alleviate some of the discomforts, you can buy lubricating eye drops or what we refer to as artificial tears to keep your child’s eye clean. 
  • I recommend using a bit of clean cotton wool or clean and wet gauze to clean the eye. After that, you can give your little one a painkiller if needed.

When to call your doctor

There may be a need to call your doctor when the symptoms worsen. There are some clear indicators. You should be concerned if your child complains that they can’t see. Another cause for concern is when their eyes start looking cloudy or if the area around the eye becomes swollen or puffy and your child develops a fever.

Now you know a little more on how to help your little ones combat that eye irritation.