To Reveal or Not to Reveal

by | Feb 13, 2024

Pregnancy reveals have evolved significantly since the 2000s, coinciding with the introduction of social media, which forever changed our engagement with life and the world around us. As we explore some of the current pregnancy announcement trends, you might be surprised to discover the emergence of the “hard launch” and “no-announcement” trends, reflecting a growing appreciation for privacy in a seemingly over-exposed world.

Whether you lean towards a grand reveal or a more intimate announcement, here are some heartwarming and unique ways to share the exciting news of your impending arrival.

Customised Social Media Posts:

In an era where “if it’s not on the gram, did it even happen?” prevails, crafting a personalised social media post or series of posts is a popular choice. From imaginative photoshoots to witty captions, the possibilities are boundless. A tip: share the news with close family and friends before the public announcement to maintain a sense of intimacy.



Surprise Care Packages:

Elevate the excitement by creating surprise care packages for your inner circle. Include baby-related items, a heartfelt letter, or a sonogram picture. Mailing these packages or orchestrating a surprise drop-off adds a touch of suspense as loved ones unwrap the news.

Scavenger Hunt Announcement:

Infuse an element of adventure with a creative scavenger hunt leading to the revelation of your pregnancy. Each clue can offer hints related to your journey, culminating in a destination that unveils the joyous secret

Sibling Involvement:

For those with older children, involve them in the announcement. Dress them in custom t-shirts, organise a “big brother” or “big sister” scavenger hunt, or capture their reactions in a heartwarming photo or video, making the announcement a family affair.

Creative Ultrasound Reveals:

Transform your baby’s first images into a work of art. Turn the ultrasound into a custom illustration, incorporate it into a puzzle, or use it as a prop in a photo shoot to add a personal touch and allow loved ones to share in the excitement.


Themed Photoshoots:

Plan a themed photoshoot that mirrors your personality or interests as a couple. Creative photos can be a visually appealing and fun way to announce your pregnancy, whether it’s a beach setting, a favourite hobby, or a seasonal theme.




Custom Merchandise:

Design personalised merchandise featuring a clever slogan or announcement, such as t-shirts, mugs, or onesies. Distribute these items to friends and family or use them as props in photos, making the announcement both unique and memorable.

Virtual Pregnancy Shower Announcement:

Embrace the virtual era by hosting a virtual baby shower announcement. Invite friends and family to a video call where you can share the news in real time, allowing everyone to witness your excitement and celebrate together, regardless of the distance.

Hard Launches or No Reveal:

An increasingly popular trend emerges amid the plethora of creative pregnancy announcements – the “hard launch” and “no-announcement” approach.

Some parents are opting to step away from the traditional social media spectacle. The trend of “hard launching” babies, popularised by celebrities like Paris Hilton, is gaining momentum among non-celebrity moms.

Rather than unveiling meticulously curated Instagram pregnancy announcements, some expectant parents are embracing a more private approach, choosing to keep the pregnancy under wraps until the baby is born. This decision often stems from a desire for increased privacy or consideration for those who have experienced infertility or pregnancy loss.

Taking the element of surprise to the extreme, some parents opt not to share the pregnancy news with anyone, leading to unexpected hospital visits or FaceTime calls featuring a newborn. While this approach may seem unconventional, it resonates with some expecting parents, adding an exhilarating twist to the anticipation surrounding the baby’s arrival.


The best pregnancy announcement reflects your personality and the unique journey you’re embarking on. Choose an authentic approach that resonates with you, and relish sharing the exciting news with those you hold dear.