Sun, Fun and DIY Magic: Toddler-Approved Outdoor Christmas Decor

by | Nov 30, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, families are gearing up for a festive celebration under the warm and sunny skies. Unlike the wintry scenes often associated with Christmas abroad, we’re known for turning our outdoor spaces into vibrant displays of holiday cheer, and you can get in on the fun with your tots. Check out the delightful DIY crafts that toddlers can enjoy.

Embracing the Sunshine:

One of the distinctive features of our southern hemisphere Christmas is the abundance of sunshine. Families take advantage of the warm weather by extending their celebrations beyond the confines of the indoors. Gardens and outdoor spaces transform into festive wonderlands adorned with bright and colourful decorations that capture the spirit of the season.

DIY Outdoor Ornaments for Toddlers:

Sun-Catcher Stars:

Materials: Clear plastic sheets, glitter glue, and ribbon.

Instructions: Cut plastic sheets into star shapes and let toddlers decorate them with glitter glue. Once dried, hang them in the garden to catch the sunlight, creating a dazzling display.

Festive Wind Chimes:

Materials: Small tin cans, paint, and string.

Instructions: Paint tin cans in festive colours and allow toddlers to unleash their creativity by adding handprints or finger paintings. String them together to create a charming wind chime for the garden.

Nature-Inspired Garland:

Materials: Pinecones, coloured wool, and small decorations.

Instructions: Collect pinecones and let toddlers paint them in bright colours. String the pinecones together with colourful wool, adding small decorations like miniature ornaments or bells for an extra festive touch.

Pot Plant Perfection:

In addition to decorating the garden, we love our pot plants (we know the festive season is just around the corner when certain retailers bring out the beautiful red-leafed pot plants). This is an excellent opportunity to involve toddlers in creating personalised decorations for the greenery around the house.

Miniature Garden Gnomes:

Materials: Small clay pots, paint, and googly eyes.

Instructions: Paint bright-coloured clay pots, add googly eyes, and let toddlers decorate them as cheerful garden gnomes. Place these whimsical figures among the potted plants for a touch of holiday magic.

Handprint Flower Pots:

Materials: Terracotta pots, acrylic paint, and sealant.

Instructions: Let your toddlers dip their hands in festive colours and create handprints on terracotta pots. Once dried, seal the handprints with clear sealant and use the pots to house vibrant flowers or small evergreen plants.

By incorporating DIY outdoor decorations, families can make the most of the sunny weather and create a festive atmosphere beyond your homes’ four walls. These toddler-friendly crafts not only add a personal touch to the holiday décor but also provide an opportunity for young ones to participate in the magic of Christmas, fostering lasting memories for the whole family. So, grab the art supplies, head outdoors, and let the sunshine illuminate your uniquely South African Christmas celebration!