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by | May 31, 2021

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is very important, perhaps more so now than ever in our lifetime as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. This is just one reason why Bestmed Medical Scheme offers a wellness programme and several preventative care benefits to help you and your family stay healthy at all stages of life. Bestmed also offers great maternity benefits and managed care programmes to help those living with certain conditions to manage their condition and stay healthy.

Bestmed Tempo wellness programme

The Bestmed Tempo wellness programme is available at no cost to all Bestmed beneficiaries, regardless of their benefit option. The programme is designed to help you improve your wellbeing and live your best life. This package of benefits gives you access to healthcare providers, who can advise you on your health risks and help you to improve your quality of life.

Adult beneficiaries (ages eighteen and older) need only complete a free Health Assessment at any network pharmacy to unlock their wellness benefits. The Health Assessment consists of the following:

1x Adult health assessment

  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Height, weight and waist circumference 

Once the Health Assessment is complete, you may choose between two main wellness journeys: The Get Active Journey or the Healthy Weight Journey. These journeys are not mutually exclusive. You’ll still be able to consult with a Tempo partner biokineticist or dietitian, or vice versa, during the programme, regardless of the journey you choose. These journeys consist of the following:

3 x Biokineticist consultations

Personalised fitness journey development with a Tempo partner biokineticist.

Group fitness classes

A wide range of group fitness classes throughout the year to both encourage and support your journey.

1 x Family nutrition assessment

Family nutritional journey assessment at a Tempo partner dietitian (one assessment per family per year).

3 x Dietitian consultations

Personalised diet development as part of your journey to a healthier weight with a Tempo partner dietitian to healthier living.

The Bestmed Tempo wellness programme also provides health assessments for dependants younger than 18 years, including:

1x Children’s health assessment

  • 0-2 years: Baby growth and development assessments (Tempo nursing clinics at network pharmacies)
  • 3-12 years: Occupational therapist (OT) assessment at Tempo partner OT
  • 13-17 years: Biokineticist assessment at Tempo partner biokineticist

Bestmed has also partnered with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) as part of its wellness programme to offer beneficiaries a free 24-hour mental health helpline. The helpline aims to support those who experience mental health issues by managing its effects, providing additional support and improving quality of life.

Preventative care benefits

Bestmed also offers great preventative care benefits on all options.

Benefits on all options:

  • pneumonia and flu vaccines
  • female contraceptives
  • a back and neck preventative programme – use of this programme is in lieu with surgery
  • HPV vaccinations for females 9 to 26 years

Benefits on certain options:

  • paediatric immunisations
  • travel vaccines
  • a pap smear for females 18 years and older, every 24 months
  • Mammogram for females 40 years and older, every 24 months
  • PSA screening for men 50 years and older, every 24 months

Maternity benefits

Expecting moms, who are already Scheme beneficiaries, may take advantage of the following maternity benefits, depending on their benefit option:

  • 6 to 9 antenatal consultations at a family practitioner (FP), gynaecologist or midwife (dependent on the chosen benefit option)
  • 2 X 2D ultrasound scans at a FP, gynaecologist or radiologist
  • Any item categorised as a maternity supplement can be claimed up to a maximum of R100 per claim, once a month, for a maximum of 9 months
  • 1 x post-natal consultation at a family practitioner (FP), gynaecologist or midwife (on selective options.

Bestmed’s Maternity Care programme supports the above benefits, which includes a welcome pack that contains an informative pregnancy book about the stages of pregnancy, a maternity/baby gift, access to a 24-hour medical advice line and other benefits through each phase of your pregnancy.

The progress of high-risk pregnancies is closely monitored. In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, a psychologist will be available.

Although the above maternity benefits are not available to new Bestmed beneficiaries who are already expecting, the Scheme is able to cover the delivery of your baby and provide your child with quality healthcare from day one.

Managed Care programmes

Bestmed offers Managed Care programmes in addition to prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs). You can register for these programmes to receive additional benefits to treat and prevent specific conditions with appropriate treatment in a cost-effective manner. These programmes include:

  • Preventative care (as expanded on above)
  • Maternity care (as expanded on above)
  • Oncology care
  • Back and neck preventative programme
  • HIV/AIDS care
  • Dialysis care
  • Diabetes care
  • Alcohol and substance abuse care
  • Wound care
  • Stoma care

More information on each of these programmes is available in Bestmed’s Managed Care guide.

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