Diary of a pregnancy: Weeks three and four

by | May 31, 2021

Diary of a Pregnancy

Week 3

Dear Baby,

So, I have a very good idea when I ovulated. Daddy and I went on a romantic weekend, and we thought that this would be a great time to try to make little you. I have been taking great care in what I have been eating and drinking (so has Daddy) so that we will give you the best chance in life from your first cells! No smoking or alcohol, and making sure I have a well-balanced diet. I have also been careful in taking medications.

I feel bloated, like I am going to have my period (eek). I feel a bit crampy, and yesterday I had some spotting. My heart sank, but it soon stopped. I know there is something called an “implantation bleed”, and I wondered if it could be it.

Dad teased me this morning and said my boobs looked bigger! I have noticed if he hugs me, they are a bit tender. This morning my coffee tasted metallic and smelt different.


Dear Mommy,

Well, you won’t believe it. I am here! I am called a Morula and have made my way down your tubes and into the womb (uterus). Dad offered 200 million sperm, and one was the fastest! As soon as it joined with your egg, all your genetic information was shared, and you will quickly know I am a girl with your blue eyes and dad’s blonde hair! Your body has gotten ready for me. A nice cushiony layer called the endometrium awaits. As I burrowed into it, I hit a small blood vessel. This caused the spotting you saw, and yes, it is an implantation bleed. Some special cells surrounding me will become my placenta, but now they give off a special hormone called Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). This is telling your body you are now pregnant.

Tips for mom

  • Carry on being careful with your diet.
  • Try rest, because you are going to start feeling tired soon.



Week Four

Dear Baby,

I was patient and waited after I missed my period before taking a pregnancy test. This was because I wanted it to be a reliable result. Every morning I feel a bit queasy, and certain smells make it worse.  My boobs are definitely a bit bigger and tender. I am soooo bloated and still have the odd cramps, but no more spotting. I feel excited about the test, but a bit nervous too. My feelings are so up and down. I don’t know why I am so TIRED!  

I am up early to pee on the stick. It’s essential to use the first urine of the day as the hormone hCG is the highest.

TWO STRIPES! You are here!

Dear Mom,

Hi, yes, I have been here for a while. I am growing so fast. The hCG stimulates the hormones oestrogen and progesterone and will cause symptoms like nausea, tender boobs and bloating. Sorry about that ( I think I will be saying that often.).

I am an embryo and growing my placenta. My neural tube will become my spine and brain, lots of important things are happening. Now you know you are pregnant, chat to our healthcare practitioner about supplements containing folic acid to protect my neural tube. I would just be a blob called a gestational sac with amniotic fluid around me on an ultrasound. I don’t have a visible heartbeat yet, because my heart is just a single blood vessel.

Tips for mom:

  • Rest and eat frequent small snacks if you feel queasy.
  • Take your prescribed pregnancy vitamins.
  • Get some sunlight daily for 15 minutes for your Vitamin D levels.


Our Diary of a Pregnancy series is written by Sr Des Meyer, a Perinatal Educator, in private practice, who is based in Durban North. Sr Des has been a Childbirth Educator  and Well Baby Clinic sister since 1991. Her passion lies in educating new parents to enable them to achieve their goals as confident parents. “Knowledge is power and a good foundation for the exciting years ahead.”