Something to Chew On: Dentistry

by | Jan 9, 2023

One of the first significant milestones we see in our little ones is when our little one’s first tooth breaks through. To keep those little teeth healthy and strong, in this Best Care with Bestmed Medical Scheme episode, Dr Sibisi-Maboye gives us a few insightful thoughts to chew on.

The general rule of thumb for taking your little one to your first dental appointment is either when the first tooth appears or by their first birthday. The first tooth can occur as early as six months old. Dr Sibisi-Maboye encourages parents highlighting that the earlier you take your little one to the dentist, the better. This way, they can pick up on potential problems before they occur and guide parents accordingly. 








Setting up an easy-to-follow and fun oral healthcare routine:

  • Use fun, quirky timers and charts.
  • Allow your child to choose their toothbrush or the colour thereof.

Taking care of the primary teeth lays the foundation for healthy permanent teeth. Primary teeth are the first sets of teeth that little ones grow. They are vital for biting and chewing. Equally important is their role in giving shape to the face; of course, they act as “space keepers” for permanent teeth. If the primary teeth are removed too early, the permanent teeth’ space is lost. As a result, parents need to help their little ones keep their primary teeth in for the optimum amount of time to prevent future issues like having skew permanent teeth. 

One of the ways parents can do so is to be mindful of their children’s diet. 

Parents need to ensure they choose foods that have lower sugar quantities. Ensure the foods consumed contain plenty of vegetables and fruit and that their children drink more water. The water serves as a cleansing mechanism for the mouth. Furthermore, ensure their calcium intake is high for strong, healthy teeth and that beautiful smile.