Introducing Our New Guest-Ed: Lawyer and Brand Strategist Cartier Lebatie

by | May 18, 2023

From C-Suite to Crib: A Legal and Marketing Guru’s Journey into Motherhood

With an LLB Law Degree to being a Master’s (LLM) Candidate who is certified in The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing to being a sought-after Brand Ambassador, Cartier Lebatie’s range of expertise and experience has armed her with a unique skill set that puts her in a league of her own.

Her contagious dynamism as a brand strategist with extensive strategic and digital marketing experience has led her to work with and be endorsed by the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Coca-Cola, Michel Herbelin and BMW.

Thriving in the Learning and Development sector, she understands that “knowledge and practice enables one to leverage opportunities, drive innovation and achieve fulfilment,” and has actively engaged and created space for the youth in the corporate space. All this through her company C-Suite Legal and Marketing, founded in 2019.

Now she adds one more title to her life, perhaps one of the most prized. Cartier is an expectant mom. Cartier expresses her anticipation and her initial thoughts on motherhood.

“Honestly, I believe mother knows best, and I look forward to learning from my own mother, with whom I have a wonderful relationship. I have an incredible tribe of women around me, and they’ve shown me that I need to learn to trust myself and look past the fear and doubts. So far, pregnancy has been a rough journey, so I am beyond grateful to my body for carrying me through it all. I have a wonderful community and support structure around me and I am definitely not one to shy away from asking for help… especially where sleep is concerned and time for self-care. It’s exciting to know that my community is now expanding to include the experienced parents of the MamaMagic parenting community, and I look forward to learning and growing together.”

Honing her exceptional drafting, negotiation, and organisational skills, Cartier is undeniably multifaceted and considered a Social Media Marketing and Platform Management expert.

Her primary focus on the statutory regulations and guidelines for social media and digital marketing ensures that individuals and organisations legally comply with their various media campaigns and platforms. Her work in this space has distinguished her as the leading voice au fait with ever-evolving social media strategies and trends.

As a former Miss Earth Zambia, Cartier’s been passionate about the pageantry space and founded Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa, In Association with Mrs Globe SA, a pageant with an international footprint. It is through this pageant that Cartier hopes to bring attention to the tremendous work of businesswomen in South Africa.

Social Media Handles:  @cartierlebatie