Baby Massage Bliss

by | Jun 26, 2024

Have you ever wished your little bundle of joy had a built-in “calm” button? Well, we may have just found the “on switch.” Baby massage is your secret weapon for transforming your little one into a cooing cuddle monster. Many of you will have heard your gogos or moms tell you to “rub out your baby,” “open their hands,” or move their legs.” That innate maternal wisdom shows itself in baby massage. Not only is it a delightful way to bond with your baby, but it also boasts a host of benefits. So, ditch the stress ball and grab some baby oil (safe for sensitive skin, of course) – it’s time to create your own personal happy place with your little one.

Why This Works: More Than Just Rub-a-Dub-Dub

The world is an overwhelming place, even for us as adults. Think of your baby as a tiny explorer, constantly bombarded with new sights, sounds, and sensations. All this excitement can be overwhelming. Massage provides a gentle, calming touch that helps regulate the nervous system, promoting relaxation and even better sleep.

Studies suggest baby massage can also improve digestion (say goodbye to gas woes and troublesome tummies, in large part at least), boost circulation, and even strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Ready, Set, Massage.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a certified masseuse to do this (although those practitioners are a wonderful occasional treat). Find a warm, draft-free space, lay down a comfy blanket, and get ready to melt some hearts (and maybe some tension).

  • Leg Lullaby: Starting with the toes, gently stroke upwards in smooth, circular motions using your thumbs and fingers. Imagine you’re painting a rainbow on their tiny legs!
  • Tummy Time Tickles: Using the palm of your hand, make gentle clockwise circles around your baby’s belly. This can help with gas and digestion.
  • Chest Circles: Place your flat palms on either side of your baby’s chest and make small, soothing circles towards their shoulders.
  • Arm & Hand Symphony: Repeat the leg strokes on those adorable arms, and don’t forget their little fingers – a gentle wiggle here and there will do the trick.
  • Facial Fun: This is where things get super cute! Trace a heart shape on your baby’s forehead with your thumbs, then gently stroke outwards towards their temples. You can even give their little cheeks a soft massage with your fingertips.


  • Keep it gentle! A light touch is all you need.
  • Follow your baby’s cues. If they seem fussy, stop the massage and try again later. They may not take to it on the first go.
  • Make it a bonding experience! Sing songs, talk softly, and shower your baby with love throughout the massage.


Baby massage can become a cherished part of your daily routine with some practice. It’s a chance to connect with your little one, soothe them with a parent’s touch, and create a foundation of love and well-being that will last a lifetime. So, dim the lights, put on some calming music, and prepare for the transformational power of touch.


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