Wonder Baby with Wonderful Quirks!

by | Sep 13, 2022

Your bundle of joy comes with many quirks, which you are probably familiar with by now. But did you know about these ones? 

  • Your baby’s inner ear is the only sense organ that is fully developed before birth, reaching its adult size by the middle of pregnancy. Just 10 minutes after birth she can work out where a sound is coming from.  


  • Your baby has a great sense of smell and at one week can recognise your unique scent. This is why it is advisable  to use unscented products which won’t irritate your baby, and avoid perfume and deodorant which will  mask your comforting smell


  • At birth, your baby has no kneecaps.  These will only develop after 6 months. 


  • Until your little one is 4 months old, she will be unable to taste salt. The delay is thought to be due to the  development of kidneys, which start  to process sodium at about that age. 


  • Babies love touch, and it is good  for them too. Touch stimulates the  production of growth-promoting  hormones. In one survey, premature  babies who were touched regularly  showed 47 % more weight gain. Your little one is no different, so  carry on cuddling!


  • When born, your baby will cry to keep her eyes moist (basal tearing) or as a reflex to an irritant (reflex tearing). Tears from emotional distress only manifest between 2 and 4 months of age and are called psychic tearing


  • You should expect intentional  smiles from your bundle of joy  between 4 and 6 months of age