5 Insightful Parenting Trends: 2022

by | Jul 18, 2022

There’s no textbook for parenting or raising children. This is a good thing because who wants a cookie-cutter little one when there’s the beauty of individuality. We “get by with a little help from our friends” and, in this case, experts who make observations regarding parenting. While trends come and go, they are frequently helpful in identifying what works for you and your parenting journey. It’s midway through the year, an excellent time to reflect on what you’re doing or still want to do. 

Have a read through interesting parenting trends.

Boredom is good! Constant entertainment? Not so much!

There’s enough pressure in the world, and parents tend to pile the guilt on themselves. While identifyingneed for parents to be more engaged and intentional has been revolutionary, giving them attention every second of the day is unnecessary (for them and you). 

Psychologist Stephanie Lee of the Child Mind Institute puts it this way: 

“It’s okay for kids to be bored. Boredom helps kids develop valuable skills.

Boredom also helps children develop planning strategies, problem-solving skills, flexibility and organisational skills.” So, parents, you’re off the hook. This trend allows room for a little bit of boredom and a lot of creativity. 

Experiences are in, and “stuff” is out. Now, this is a trend we’re happy to see. No amount of stuff can make up for unforgettable experiences. Experiences enhance memories and strengthen bonds. No matter how small they may seem, experiences as a family are truly priceless. Research by Adobe revealed that purchasing experiences or “holidays” as gifts are rising. We’re not saying throw all the toys out, but perhaps, once in a while, consider doing something together.

Mindful internet and device usage is making its mark (thank goodness for that too). Let’s face it; babies are born into a highly tech-driven world run by technology. As a result, they’re introduced to screens and phones from infancy. It’s no wonder 18-month-olds know how and when to swipe messages away and find the nursery rhymes. As the world transitions into Web3.0 and we integrate the digital world more into daily life, it’s our responsibility to introduce monitored and healthy usage of devices. As UNICEF highlights, the aim should be to “enhance online experiences for children by focussing on what they are doing and when they are doing it. 

Unfiltered parenting is a massive current trend. We think TikTok, in particular, is to thank for this. There’s a greater expression of real vulnerability in parenting and the realities of parenthood. There’s greater openness to discussing “taboo topics” and a greater sense of community. Here’s to #unfilteredparenting. 

Informed parenting while building communities of trust. Okay, this is something from us at MamaMagic rather than a trend. We have covered so many topics on parenting over the years that we have a sense of sifting through the information overload. We’ve learnt that you certainly have parental instincts, so don’t be afraid to use them. At the same time, studies on parenting are valuable. They can teach you a thing or two without having first-hand experiences. Communities you can trust, including experts and those close to you, carry great insight, so tap into those resources. As you do the aforementioned, trust your gut and your process as a parent and make informed decisions that are healthy and beneficial for your family and your world.