2024 Parenting Trends to Watch

by | Mar 25, 2024

Raising kids is a wild ride, and parenting styles are constantly evolving. So, what’s hot (and not) in the world of parenthood for 2024? There’s really no handbook to this parenting journey; however, observing trends and the lessons we can learn from them is valuable. Buckle up because this year is about focusing on small things and setting clear expectations.

Celebrating Inchstones: Every Victory Counts!

Forget the pressure of milestones! This year, parents are embracing the concept of “inchstones” – tiny triumphs that deserve a happy dance (or a themed party if social media is anything to go by). A recent survey by the Huffington Post news platform showed a surge in searches for “My first tooth party” and “end-of-year school party ideas.”  

Dr Deborah Gilboa, a developmental psychologist, told Today, an online news platform, that celebrating these inchstones “makes the heart grow fonder” and strengthens the parent-child bond.”

This trend is significant for parents of children with special needs, who may find joy in smaller developmental steps.

Gentle-ish Parenting: Boundaries with Kindness

Remember the gentle parenting craze? It’s not going extinct, but it is evolving (and we were waiting for this to happen). Parents are still prioritising empathy and connection but also recognising the importance of clear boundaries and discipline. A 2024 report by Netmums, the largest parenting site in the United Kingdom, describes this as “gentle-ish parenting,” where parents establish limits with a patient and understanding approach. This might look like offering choices within a framework (“Do you want to wear the red or blue pyjamas tonight?”) or using positive reinforcement instead of punishment.

Stricter Boundaries for Newborns: My Time, My Rules

According to What to Expect- a popular online parenting information hub based in the USA – new parents, especially Gen Z moms, are setting stricter boundaries for visitors with their newborns. This could involve waiting for a certain period before introducing the baby to others, requesting no kissing, or limiting visits to specific times. Experts believe this reflects a growing awareness of a newborn’s fragile immune system and the importance of prioritising sleep for new parents. 

Baby Shower Makeover: Introducing Nesting Parties

The traditional baby shower might involve getting a makeover, and we’re here for it. With a focus on practicality and support for new parents, nesting parties are gaining traction. Instead of gifts, guests bring essential items like diapers, meal prep ingredients, or postpartum supplies. This shift reflects the changing needs of parents and a desire for a more intimate gathering.

The Rise of Custom “Grand” Titles

Gone are the days of generic grandma and grandpa! In 2024, grandparents are getting creative with their titles. Another survey by What to Expect found a rise in personalised names like “Mimi John” or “Pop-Pop Steve.” This trend reflects the evolving role of grandparents in families and their desire for a unique bond with their grandchildren.

Self-Care for Parents

Finally, parents prioritise self-care—and it’s about time because we’ve been singing this song for a while now. While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, 2024 seems to be all about open conversations around parental well-being. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath after bedtime or seeking professional support, parents are acknowledging that their mental and emotional health directly impacts their ability to parent effectively.

From celebrating the little things to setting clear boundaries, 2024’s parenting trends are about creating a nurturing and supportive environment for children and parents. In the words of writer and humourist Kurt Vonnegut, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.”