What is motherhood?

by | May 3, 2021

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. With this special day just a week away, we asked a few moms from the MamaMagic community, what motherhood means to them. Here’s some of the answers that we got.

Ayanda Mfundisi – Mother of two

“A mother is a representative of god. She is the person that was put on earth to make sure things are in order. She is selfless, nurturing and is constantly juggling taking care of others as well as herself.”


Dr Jo-Marie Bothma – Mother of three

“Motherhood made me more vulnerable in ways I never knew were possible. It taught me the true meaning of sacrifice and unconditional love.” 


Tasha-Leigh Williams – Mother of one

“Motherhood to me is loving beyond what I thought possible. It’s learning to rediscover my capacity while putting my all into raising my son to be his greatest, fullest version of himself. It is my mandate and greatest contribution to this world, God’s Kingdom “


Priyanka Naidoo – Mother of one and pregnant

“Motherhood is filled with messy fingers, belly laughs and adventure that didn’t know existed until I became a mom. It is the most challenging yet most rewarding facet of my life. Motherhood is love personified.”


Reevana Govender – Mother of two

“A mother is everything in one. She loves, she cares, she protects, she heals and she nurtures. Motherhood is the most beautiful, yet challenging journey you will ever go on.”

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