What do you mean, I’m pregnant?

by | Apr 12, 2022


“WHAT?!!!” “What do you mean I’m pregnant?!” (as if I don’t know how this works)… Was one of just a few of the things I blurted at my Doctor in his rooms. Just two weeks prior to this appointment, I had been recovering from Covid-19 and I was experiencing what I thought were “long-term symptoms”.

So I decided to go in for an ECG test and on my doctor’s suggestion, did a pregnancy test as well. I thought the post-covid stress had impacted my cycle. I had never taken a pregnancy test before so when my Doctor waltzed in holding the stick, I was like “Are you sure?” I think he just laughed at me which was probably the best response.


I didn’t think it would ever happen

I’ve wanted to have a baby for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be pregnant, to feel a human being grow inside of me, to see my tummy swell up. I had romanticised this moment since I was in my early twenties. And because I wanted it so badly, my anxious side got me thinking it would NEVER happen for me, since falling pregnant can be met with so many complications as well. I got it into my head that my womb wasn’t in any healthy state to grow a little person. I hadn’t been for a Pap Smear in forever (ladies, don’t neglect this), I was really naughty and I neglected this part of my body because of whatever silly reason, life gets busy and you forget, but that isn’t good enough. Needless to say I will be going for annual check-ups from now on.



My sister got me into taking a series of vitamins at the start of hard lockdown (also don’t neglect this – clearly I’m not the poster child for woman-ing), obviously immune boosters to fight the nasty Covid and one of them was folic acid.

In case you aren’t aware, folic acid helps ensure you have adequate levels of folate for a developing foetus before you find out you’re pregnant. It’s also just really important for your womanly bits. So essentially I was “cleaning the area” without even knowing it!


Big news

But I digress.  Back to my Doctor’s rooms and the big reveal.

I think I needed about 3 minutes to contain myself after all the screaming and needed my heart rate to slow down a bit (in order to conduct the ECG – which came back normal btw).

My partner Donovan was in the middle of a zoom meeting at that exact moment and I couldn’t wait to tell him once I got home. So of course I grabbed my phone and sent him a WhatsApp. Yes, dear reader, I sent him the biggest news of our life together, via text message. I mean what a terrible way to tell your significant other, but I was in a state of shock, I honestly just couldn’t help myself.

My emotions were running wild. I was feeling a lot of excitement, nervousness and fear. Fear of whether or not I was ready, capable and just fear of the unknown. Little did I know,  this was just the beginning. I was about to embark on a lifetime journey…

Guest Editor Davina Goliath is a professional violinist, violin teacher, content creator and a FTM (First time mom). She was born and raised in a little town called Somerset West where her parents still reside and she has two older sisters. Together with husband, Donovan, she creates funny, light-hearted content for social media for a living. Follow her on IG @davinagordongoliath