South African Kiddos’ Favourite Activities

by | Jul 14, 2023

MamaMagic recently polled our community of parents on what types of activities their children love to participate in.

  • Outdoor play was far more popular than indoor, with the vast majority of kids choosing the garden over the indoor playroom.
  • Creating won over reading. Little hands love being kept busy with making – and with the outdoors being so popular, we’re sure some of those creations are messy mud pies!
  • When it comes to art or adventure, our little ones are most definitely adventurers with over two-thirds of our kids preferring to courageously explore their environments.


Playtime Suggestions from MamaMagic Parents

Cape Town: The Kids Shack

With plenty of indoor and outdoor play areas, The Kids Shack is perfect for balmy summer days or chilly and wet weather in winter. Jungle Gyms abound outdoors, and as your little ones become “Big Kids”, there are bike and scooter tracks and even a kids’ zipline! It’s a venue suitable for kids up to 12 years. The indoor play areas incorporate fantasy play, climbing, soft play areas, and craft stations.

Johannesburg: JoyJozi

JoyJozi is situated in Rosebank. It’s a kid-friendly restaurant that will delight both children and parents. Outside it features a tree house, action court, and bicycle track in the JoyJozi garden. There is also a splash park and a play space just for toddlers. Inside is a kiddie wonderland with mazes and a twisty slide that goes down to the ground floor. Older kids have a media room with Playstations and arcade games. There’s even a library. Child Minders are on hand to supervise the kids and facilitate crafts like ceramic and canvas painting to scratch art. Truly a paradise for busy bodies and parents looking for a child-friendly space to unwind.

Centurion: Irene Farm

The Irene Dairy Farm in Centurion, known as “The Farm in the City”, offers a wide variety of kid-friendly activities. Milkshake tastings are on the menu, and kids can watch the cows being milked, learning about where their food comes from. The grounds are perfect for our little explorers, with Jungle Gyms and tractors to climb and play on.

Durban: Bananaz

Bananaz Adventure Park was built just for kids under 11. There is a Ferris Wheel, push bikes, ball court, and agility courses staffed by capable helpers to teach your little ones how to develop their sense of balance and reflexes. With a kiddie-friendly menu to fill up hungry tummies, you can spend hot summer days swimming with your child in the knee-high heated swimming pool, or letting them slip down Super Tubes and Water Slides.

MamaMagic Baby Expo:  National

Of course, the MamaMagic Baby Expo is an event that is very close to our hearts! Packed with play areas and stage entertainment like the Barney Show, it’s a super fun experience for little ones to interact with other kids, and for parents to meet other parents and grow their communities and friendship circles. The MamaMagic Baby Expo travels across the country, from Durban to Joburg to Cape Town.