Our friends paid for our IVF treatment

by | May 10, 2022

When Carestone (Stone) Louw’s business in the Corporate sector of eventing came to an abrupt halt under the harsh restrictions imposed at the onset of the Covid Pandemic, so did the Louw family’s dreams of having children.

After actively trying for a child since 2018, Stone and Alareez had been to see a Fertility Specialist and were contemplating undertaking the costly process of IVF. When Excellence Entertainment Logistics was suddenly no longer bringing in sufficient revenue to sustain them, they had to rethink their priorities.

The impact of Covid

“We had to decide whether to put our small savings towards IVF treatments or try to ride out the pandemic on what we had left. We decided to put our dreams on the back burner and helped family and friends through the crisis where we could. Of course, at the time everyone thought that the pandemic would be over shortly and we figured that a few more weeks wouldn’t make that much difference “ explains Stone.
It wasn’t long before dried up entirely and as the crisis dragged on, the family found themselves facing an indefinitely childless future.

The Power of Friends

Little did they know that the power of friendship would come to their aid. Their small community of friends led by Darren Middleton and Jemaine Roberts came together and despite the global financial downturn, managed to secretly raise the R150 000.00 needed for an initial IVF treatment for Stone and Alareez.

First time lucky

Naturally, the pair were overjoyed, but even more so on receiving the results of their first round of IVF “Against all odds, we are so proud to announce that we are pregnant with twins after our very first attempt at In Vitro. This was a gift of true friendship that has had a tangible and life-changing result. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of this gesture. It is a miraculous moment that we will remember forever,” he says.

On to the future

Now with family life just ahead, Alareez has passed her exams qualifying as a Charted Accountant and as the events sector picks up Stone’s business is steadily regaining traction. They will be in a good financial position to welcome their babies home.
What a touching and heartwarming story of a community’s willingness to pull together to help out where it is needed most, in a way that changes lives. We join the Louw’s group of wonderful friends in wishing Stone and Alareez every success on their parenting journey and are delighted to be able to share this heartwarming and touching story that reaffirms our faith in humanity.