Diary of a Pregnancy: Weeks 31 and 32

by | Feb 2, 2022

Weeks 31 and 32

Hello little Baby!

So we are really noticing a lot of growth lately!

The skin of my tummy especially around my belly button is sooo itchy! And it is tender around my belly button (which is proudly an outie now). This is due to the separation of my tummy muscles (the six pack) that is separating, to allow the womb to grow. I must massage a good oil into my skin to try prevent/lessen stretch marks.

One interesting thing that I have noticed is that my boobs are leaking a clear yellow fluid some days. Sometimes it even makes my bra wet. This is colostrum which will be the first meal for you to have for the first 3 days until my milk comes in.

Not all moms-to-be experience this during pregnancy, which is also normal. And has no bearing on how much milk I will produce, either.

I am really uncomfortable at night now. Its also sooo hot and I permanently feel like I am overheating (well I do have a little heater inside me now heh heh). I find it hard to sleep and need to wee all the time. This just adds to the feeling of fatigue during the day too.

Heartburn happens whether I eat or not. I know it’s because the hormone Relaxin has made the muscle that closes my stomach very floppy, and with the uterus pushing so high now, it makes my stomach acid flow up into my oesophagus (eating tube from my mouth to my stomach). This causes the heartburn that can last all day…

And would you know..Preggy Brain really is a thing! Gosh, I feel like I keep forgetting things (I even put the kettle in the fridge the other morning! Daddy just stared at me) I feel like I am also clumsier, so I need to start wearing flat supportive shoes to prevent any falls. My sense of balance is off due to the centre of gravity changing because of your weight in front, so I need to be careful.

I was so happy when I had my Gynae check up! You are head down and officially getting ready for birth in a few weeks. Most babies will have turned by now and it is reassuring that you have done the right thing! Yay.


Hello my Mommy

Yes, lots of growth happening. My brain in growing and developing and I am sleeping a lot too. I look pretty much like I will when I arrive, but I need to gain more weight now.

My 5 senses are perfectly developed. My pupils react to light and I keep my eyes open when I am awake. I am losing the soft downy hair called lanugo.


Tips for Pregnancy:

  • Wear breast pads if your boobs are leaking colostrum already.
  • Cut out caffeinated drinks and beverages, as that makes you wee even more.
  • Do breathing and relaxation exercises before bed, try to wind down with gentle stretches and keep your bedroom cool and dark. Try pregnancy meditations before dropping off to sleep. Minimise social media and movies that are stimulating, before sleep.
  • Invest in a preggy pillow to help support you during sleep. Normal pillows can also be used under your belly, behind your back and between your knees ( keep them in line with your hips).
  • Put a pillow or rolled-up blanket under your mattress (get someone to help you lift it). This will raise your feet a little during the night, which helps with cramping and swelling.
  • If you have heartburn at night, sleep with your head raised slightly. And on your left side.
  • Yes, you are going to look a sight, but who cares? You need your sleep!
  • Eat small frequent meals and no eating or drinking 3 hours before bedtime, if possible. That will also help with heartburn and frequent wees.


Our Diary of a Pregnancy series is written by Sr Des Meyer, a Perinatal Educator, in private practice, who is based in Durban North. Sr Des has been a Childbirth Educator and Well Baby Clinic sister since 1991. Her passion lies in educating new parents to enable them to achieve their goals as confident parents. “Knowledge is power and a good foundation for the exciting years ahead.”