Diary of a Pregnancy: Weeks 9 and 10

by | Jul 8, 2021

Week 9 :

Hello little baby,

I was eating cherries last night after dinner, and realised that that is how big you are already!

The visit to the gynae last week was sooo special. I had to keep a full bladder (not unusual!) because they need to still do the intravaginal probe to view the ultrasound. There you were, all curled up, waving your paddle arms and legs with your little heartbeat flashing like a star. Both Dad and I shed a little tear of joy and awe… it has become real!

I am feeling really emotional and the mood swings are…interesting. The nausea is still here and really not feeling too energetic. I know it is good for me to exercise, so I am literally forcing myself to go for a walk most afternoons. I must say I feel better for it, and my emotions are a wee bit better to handle!

I am trying my best to eat well because nausea is an issue. But I know it is important for both of us, and it will help with energy levels. I know our doctor said if I am vomiting too often, fainted, etc. I must let them know. Some moms have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and then need extra care.

My nose is really blocked and sometimes I am worried I am getting a cold or allergy but it turns out it is the increased blood supply around my body. My gums bleed easily when brushing, and I am weeing like a maniac. The extra blood supply to the pelvis, plus pregnancy hormones, are the culprits.

My clothes are starting to feel really tight. Time to start looking at stretchy outfits?


Hello my Mommy!

Yes, your womb has doubled in size! Some mommies start to show, but it’s not a problem if they haven’t yet either. The ultrasound was done to see if I am growing in the right place and am all healthy. I noticed the lady showed you my gestational sac, my yolk sac and me…. Foetal pole.

I am starting to look more human now. I made my ear lobes! My arms can bend nicely now and I have fingers and toes …wiggle wiggle…

I am now officially no longer an embryo!


Week 10

Hello little baby,

I am slowly starting to feel a bit more human myself this week. I think because last week the hormones of pregnancy peaked, and then will start to taper off. Usually, by 12 weeks (end of 1st trimester), many moms feel back to normal. Hope that’s me!

So my little fruity…you are the size of a strawberry! Wow over the next 3 weeks you will grow longer…almost double.

My friend who is pregnant with twins really has double the symptoms, which is normal. She is feeling and looking a lot more pregnant now and has some aches and pains from stretching ligaments around her uterus, especially the round ligament which can sometimes pull and ache. I have felt that in some movements I make, but not too bad.

Nausea is better, boobs are bigger and I can see the veins under my skin. How amazing?

I am starting to get excited about all these pregnancy signs I am noticing!


Hello my Mommy,

Say hello to your little Foetus! I am no longer just a curled up bean. I am starting to look a lot like a baby. The embryonic phase is when my major organs were being formed (heart, brain, lungs, etc.) as well as my arms and legs. Now that is completed I am called a Foetus, and they just have to continue developing and growing.

I am growing fingernails and hair (blonde!) and I am really enjoying moving and working my jointed limbs. You won’t feel me moving yet, but I am really practising hard for when you can.

I can swallow now, so I think I am really doing well!


Pregnancy tips:

Keep taking your vitamins…try to drink them with orange juice or similar as the Vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron in your food.

Eat and drink healthily.

Listen to your body and rest when it asks for the break.


Our Diary of a Pregnancy series is written by Sr Des Meyer, a Perinatal Educator, in private practice, who is based in Durban North. Sr Des has been a Childbirth Educator and Well Baby Clinic sister since 1991. Her passion lies in educating new parents to enable them to achieve their goals as confident parents. “Knowledge is power and a good foundation for the exciting years ahead.”