Diary of a Pregnancy: Weeks 11 to 12

by | Jul 21, 2021

Week  11


Hello little baby,

So we are at week 11 and I am slowly starting to feel a bit better. Nausea is coming and going but not all day, thank goodness.

Not much has changed physically for me this week. My clothes just feel tighter and my nipples are getting a bit bigger and darker! I am so glad that my body is already getting ready to feed you soon!

I am still very tired, but not as tired as my friend who is having twins. Shame, she still feels very nauseous but she is getting excited as she already looks pregnant!

I really enjoyed seeing you move on the ultrasound screen even though I could not feel you yet.

So just enjoying this week and trying to rest as much as I can.


Hello my Mommy,

Well yes, I am just growing and growing. I am the size of a small lime already and really enjoy using my more mobile arms and legs! I can straighten out my legs and get a good stretch going. My skin is still pretty see-through and you can easily see my blood vessels. I am getting tooth buds and my hair follicles and nail beds are forming.

My pregnancy tips:

Try starting a gentle exercise routine like walking. It will help your moods and tiredness and fresh air is always invigorating.


Week 12:

Hello little baby,

Well, we made it. By the end of week 12 we are officially past the first trimester. I can definitely feel a firm bump when I massage my tummy. From this week, the womb starts to become big enough to be felt over the brim of my pelvis. Now I really feel pregnant, not just keeping a secret. Daddy and I are going to start telling more friends and family that you are here. I know they will be so excited for us!

Besides the diminishing nausea I am definitely feeling less tired. Headaches have started a bit, but I have no problems with my blood pressure, so it is likely to be hormonal. Some days I feel a bit dizzy, but usually if I drink and eat enough it will settle.

I have a noticeable clear vaginal discharge ( it’s not an infection as it does not itch, burn or smell funny) which is hormonal. I just wear pantiliners and change them often if it gets too damp. Vaginal infections like thrush are common in pregnancy, and we need to tell our doctor if we have any symptoms of infection.


Hello my Mommy,

This week is one of lots of growth. The last of my important organs and systems are finally being developed. After this, I will be growing and maturing them for the rest of our pregnancy. My brain is developing fast now and I can open and close my fingers. Having lots of fun practising that!

I am developing some reflexes now and I am sensitive to touch, so if you rub your tummy I will move. Even though you aren’t aware of me yet. As your womb gets bigger then you will detect movement against your skin inside and you may feel a little flutter. That would be me! But not yet, I am still playing hide and seek.

My pregnancy tips:

Wear a suitable sunscreen and hat when out in the sun. Your skin will darken now with pregnancy hormones and sometimes you can get marks called chloasma on your cheeks.

Start checking out some nice loose preggy outfits there, Mom.

Our Diary of a Pregnancy series is written by Sr Des Meyer, a Perinatal Educator, in private practice, who is based in Durban North. Sr Des has been a Childbirth Educator  and Well Baby Clinic sister since 1991. Her passion lies in educating new parents to enable them to achieve their goals as confident parents. “Knowledge is power and a good foundation for the exciting years ahead.”