Actress and TV Host Pabi Moloi tells us what she keeps in her nappy bag when she is out and about with her little guy.

1. What is currently in your nappy bag?

My nappy bag is very bare bones and basic. I have nappies, wipes, bum creme, spit up cloth and hand sanitizer. I prefer them all miniature because I found that carrying the big bag wasn’t necessary for quick trips which is all I really take especially to the doctors’ appointments, visits to granny etc.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding so I have a fabulous modesty cape so I can feed anywhere and everywhere.

One change of baby clothes and a blankie round out all my needs.

Now that my son is a little bigger I’ll throw in a toy for his entertainment too.


2. What is the one essential nappy bag item (besides the nappies, wet wipes and bum cream), that you just can’t leave home without?

Spit up cloths. My gorgeous son need many wipe downs in a day.


3. If your nappy bag could talk, what stories would it share?

The shopping trio of many explosive poops and being my holiday drive bag.


4. How often do you repack it?

Every time I take baby out. I try to keep enough nappies in the bag but I’ll pop in the other bits as and when we need to go out.


5. What brand is your nappy bag/s and why did you choose this particular brand/s?

My bag was custom made for me by Blinged Out Baby who found me on Instagram.


6. When do you think is the best time, during your little one’s milestones, to ditch the nappy bag?

I’m only a few months in so I’m very far from that point.


7. Any nappy bag packing advice for other mothers?

Pack light! A heavy bag is a drag.