Travelling can be very stressful for parents, which is why most steer clear of it until their kids are older. I am not one of those people, clearly, as I decided to take my family on a ‘babymoon’ to a tropical island. A ‘babymoon’ implies that we were expecting a baby, and you’re right in thinking I was crazy to embark on an international journey with not only a seven-month pregnant wife, but also our three-year-old toddler, Eli.

With luggage in hand, a bag for each of us, I needed to ensure our family holiday was logistically smooth sailing and trouble free – a task all good dads tackle, but one that only few successfully execute.

They see me strollin’

The task was coupled with help, of course: a well-engineered stroller to ensure Eli could enjoy the sights and make sure Mommy and I were not burdened with a sleeping toddler on a shoulder.

The GB (GoodBaby) Pockit Stroller totally revolutionised my appreciation for strollers. It’s a stroller that, when folded, fits into a Baby City shopping packet. The Pockit allows my toddler to sleep comfortably and is still light enough for my pregnant wife to pick up without difficulty. Now that for me is a winner!

Its collapsible frame fits into the overhead luggage compartment on a plane, so we were never at risk of someone taking the stroller and chucking it into a hidden storage compartment under the plane and potentially damaging it; a story I have heard too many times. Whether we were in a metered cab or Eli switched from stroller to trolley while shopping, we never felt the burden of having it with us.

The Pockit does not recline though, but it’s a feature my son never missed, and it proved true as he would sleep for hours at a time and never became uncomfortable. The soft, cushioned fabric is easy to clean, is elasticated and even the foldable frame is relatively sturdy.

Pockit Facts

So here is some stuff I found out about the Pockit that you might not know:

  • It has value for money: it costs R3 500 at Baby City.
  • The Pockit won a Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016.
  • The world’s smallest foldable stroller only weighs 4.3kg.

Honestly, with the new baby on the way, I wasn’t looking for another stroller for Eli. He loves and makes great use of the one he currently has. (At the time, we thought it was the smallest and lightest pram on the market.) What ultimately drew me to the Pockit were these two simple things:

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And when the salesman did this:

Who would have thought a stroller would have made me feel like a rock star? Holidaying was made that extra bit cooler as I watched how other dads ran after toddlers at airports and shopping malls, or were weighed down by sleeping babies while carrying bags and whatnots, while we were comfortably moving along with our oh-so-compact-yet-comfortable stroller.

This might seem like a brag now, but I still dread the thought of future travels. I could master this one trip with one child, but I know that my worries are far from over with another baby on the way!