What are your overall thoughts about the product?
This is a sturdy baby carrier that ticks all the boxes for me – it’s comfortable for me and baby, it’s not complicated to set up, and it’s ergonomically sound.


  1. What feature of this product is most useful to you?

I love that it lasts for up to three years, and can carry baby in three ways:

  • Front-facing inwards (from newborn, and until your child can hold their head unaided)
  • Front-facing outwards (can be used once your child can hold their heads)
  • Back-carrying (when you child can sit unaided and is longer than 72cm)

I also like how comfortable it is – no strain on my shoulders, back or hips. There’s also fantastic head support – my 10-week-old’s head was secure.

  1. How easy was it for you to introduce the product to your baby?

Extremely easy. I’ve tried some carriers, slings and wraps easily before, so it wasn’t entirely a new experience for my 10-week-old. That said, I easily popped her into the carrier, and she was pretty content.


  1. Do you find the price of the product reasonable for its use?

This is one of the priciest carriers I’ve come across, but you can use it for three years while your baby grows, so one needs to look at the bigger picture, and not simply compare it to other carriers on the market which you have to upgrade as baby grows.


  1. Would you recommend the product to other mothers?

Yes, definitely – I already have.


  1. Do you find it aesthetically appealing? 

Yes – it’s not dowdy nor silly looking. I tried the brown which is more on the bland side, but there are more “exciting” colours such as red and blue.


  1. How does it compare to other carriers that you’ve used?

It’s certainly a step above the rest, and it’s what I would have expected from this desirable Norweigan brand. Firstly, it’s not as flimsy as the others I’ve tried, and way more comfortable for me too (my baby seems quite content too). I also found this one of the easier ones to use, and it didn’t require me to go onto YouTube to figure out, though I did watch guides anyway to double check that my baby was positioned correctly.


  1. How did your husband find the product, any different to yourself? 

It was his first experience with a baby carrier, and he was a bit awkward at first – I think it had less to do with the product and more to do with carrying a baby for the first time. Once the giggles had stopped, he realised how comfortable and cool it was to be carrying his daughter hands-free.


  1. Is it something he would use?

Yes, definitely.