For most men, there is a certain “macho” pride that comes with having a son. There is the idea that you can somehow pass down your name and a long legacy of traditions to your son. This is exactly how I felt when my son (Eli) was born five years ago. Our bond was instant and I knew from the start just how to cope with him. And then, three years later my daughter (Amelia-Rose) was born and it completely changed my perspective on life.

First, I must be honest, the bond was not instant, because a part of me was so worried that I would hurt my delicate princess. In time, however, we grew fiercely close and though she is a typical girl who loves all things pink and sparkly, she is also not as delicate as I first envisioned. In fact, she is just as tough and energetic as her brother.

One of the many lessons that my children have taught me is to be aware as a parent. I am aware of their needs and have learnt to be sensitive enough to allow them to be who they are. Although Eli is a “typical” boy, he also has a sensitive side and needs tons of cuddles and lots of explanations. My daughter on the other hand might love to dress up in pretty pink frills, but that doesn’t stop her from climbing countertops and attempting the most daring stunts. Being a parent to these two has certainly changed my rather naïve view of being a parent.

My children keep my wife and me on our toes. We constantly need to step up our parenting game to ensure that we give our children the best possible tools to become the best versions of themselves. This is why MamaMagic is such a great platform for our family. It is a source of valuable and current parenting information, including the latest products and services to assist us on our parenting journey. As the dad who believes in providing the fun factor, I also love that both my children are still excited to visit the expo with me to see Barney. This purple dinosaur remains a firm favourite in our household and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Warren Murray

Father and MamaMagic Brand Director

A proud father of two, husband, son, friend and trusted advisor in the exhibition arena, Warren has been an active voice in the parenting community for years. Warren is a keen promoter and follower of all the latest trends and tools to make parenting easier and more rewarding and has become a parenting influencer among his peers, often focusing on the lighthearted side of parenting.

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