The Baby Throne was created by Zoe Durbach specifically for her son, Hector Knight Durbach. When Hector was about four months old, she noticed that her son showed indications of when he wanted to “go” and that a specific squat position triggered the instinct to “push” and empty his bowels completely.

She discovered that it was not necessary for Hector to be sitting in dirty diapers on a regular basis, especially when he started eating solids. She also found that it is possible to be finished with diapers (for number ones and twos!) well before the age of 18 months.

The design of the Knight’s Baby Throne was born out of the fact that there was nothing on the market suitable to hold babies, or even toddlers, safely in an optimal squat position. Zoe Durbach, MSc MBA, a scientist and an engineer, found it easy to design the Baby Throne to hold Hector safely in that optimal squat position. Once the design had been finalised, Zoe decided to patent it. After a few revisions to the design, including additions such as a squat step and a nappy container, the Knight’s Baby Throne is now made from a soft foam that is both durable and comfortable. This allows baby to make the connection between wanting to “go” and the Baby Throne.

The Baby Throne has received some amazing testimonials from satisfied customers:

“I got my Baby Throne a few weeks ago in the mail, I’m in Australia! It is absolutely AMAZING!! I love it so much and even though people thought I was crazy (including my mum and my husband) it’s worked great! We’ve always dealt with constipation due to my son being on reflux medication and now he is going once a day! He is eight months old and doesn’t even want to go in his nappy anymore, only once he sits on his throne! P.S. You’re a genius for inventing this! It’s brilliant and I wish I would’ve thought of it myself!” Jasmine, Mummy

“The Baby Throne is an incredibly durable product with a functional design. It is easy to clean, small enough to not take up too much space and Knox loves sitting in it as it is so comfy! It is also very light, so easy to move from room to room. This is not a magical solution for potty training, but it does make it a hell of a lot easier – there are also so many advantages to using the Baby Throne that the price tag is definitely worth it. This product will most likely last you through all of your kids, it is pretty indestructible.” Maz, Fashion designer, blogger

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