The Maxi Cosi Pearl Pro is the updated version of the popular 2Way Pearl. It is part of the 3way Family; the 3WayFix isofix base is also compatible with the Jade carrycot, Pebble Pro/Rock infant seats as well as the Pearl Pro and Pearl Smart toddler seats. This gives you approximately 4 years’ use out of the isofix base. It is quick and easy to install and transfer between cars. It allows extended rear facing and forward facing until approximately 4 years. And, most importantly, it gets good safety ratings by ADAC.

Pros and cons of the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Audiovisual indicators on the base to alert you if installation is incorrect
  • Good padding
  • Additional bases can be bought for a second car
  • Base is compatible with Jade, Pebble Plus and Rock infant seats
  • Easy-in harness making it more convenient to buckle your child in
  • 10 year lifetime warranty 
  • Free swap service (Maxi Cosi replace a car seat for free if it has been in a crash)



  •  More complex removal of cover
  • Only really fits from 70cm rear facing
  • Limited legroom for child in rear facing

What are the weight and height limits of the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro?

The Pearl Pro is an iSize approved car seat from 67-105cm/18.5kg in rear facing or 84cm-10 5cm in forward facing. This usually lasts average-sized children until they are approximately 4 years old. It is safest for children to rear face as long as possible


What are the safety features of the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro?

  • The Pearl Pro can only be installed using the 3WayFix /2WayFix isofix base (sold separately), which provides additional peace of mind thanks to its audio and visual confirmation when the connection is secure. The base will sound an alarm if the isofix or support leg come loose. It cannot be installed with seatbelt or without the base.
  • The impact-absorbing material in the top side wings provides enhanced safety in a side impact collision.
  • It scored an overall score of “good” by ADAC with low risk of injury in a frontal impact collision and average risk of injury in a side impact collision.

What are the comfort features of the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro?

The Pearl Pro provides optimal ease of use and comfort, due to the easy-in harness which has springs in the harness so that it is easy to strap your child in. There is no release tab to loosen the harness. Instead, when the buckle is released it automatically releases the harness, making it easy to get your child out the harness. This is also ideal to preserve mom’s nails!

Maxi Cosi Pearl Pro Easy In Harness

It has 3 recline settings for rear facing and 2 for forward facing. In rear facing, the seat must be fully reclined until your child is 97cm tall. When it is fully reclined in rear facing, the child will probably be high enough to see out the window in most cars. Legroom for the child is limited.


How is the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro Installed?

The Pearl Pro can only be installed in conjunction with the 3WayFix base, which requires isofix brackets in the car. It is quick, easy and almost foolproof to install! The Pearl Pro can be separated off the base, making it lighter to move between cars. A second base can be purchased for additional vehicles.

How to install the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro in rear-facing 

You’ll need to assemble the anti-rebound bar as per the manual. Attach the isofix connectors of the 3WayFix base and the indicators will light up and an audible alarm will sound when both isofix arms are attached to the isofix brackets. The base should then be pushed as close to the vehicle backrest as possible for a secure installation.The support leg should then be adjusted to the correct height in the footwell of the car. The audiovisual alarm will alert you when it is done correctly. The Pearl Pro is then clicked onto the base and reclined to the correct setting.

How to install the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro in forward-facing

The Pearl Pro is easy to switch from rear facing to forward facing. Put the Pearl Pro int the most upright position and then release the seat from the base. Turn it to forward facing and click it onto the 3WayFix base. The audiovisual indicators will let you know when it is correct.
How long can a Maxi-Cosi toddler car seat be used for? 

Maxi Cosi seats can be used for up to 10 years, provided they haven’t been in a crash or dropped. 

Maxi Cosi offer a free Swap Service. If your car seat has been in an accident, Maxi-Cosi take your car seat and replace it with a brand new one for free. So you can be confident that your child is safe. And they analyse the seat to get valuable information about how their car seats perform in collisions.


Our verdict

The Maxi Cosi Pearl Pro achieved good safety ratings by ADAC and allows extended rear facing until approximately 4 years, which is safest. It has the added benefit of the option of forward facing if absolutely necessary, although this is not recommended. It is a comfortable seat for toddlers and does not take up excessive amounts of legroom from the person sitting in front of it.

The easy-in harness makes it easy to buckle and unbuckle your child. It is a practical and user-friendly car seat. The 10 year lifetime warranty and free swap service, as well as Maxi Cosi’s excellent after sales service make this a seat that is definitely worth considering.


About the Author

Julie Monson is an Occupational Therapist with 15 years experience working with survivors of motor vehicle accidents. She is also a mom  to 3 young children and writer of the blog Precious Cargo. In 2016 she started the FaceBook group, Car Seat Support South Africa, in the hopes of creating awareness of the need to not only use the correct car seat, but to use it properly as designed. Julie is passionate about empowering parents with scientific facts and safety reviews to enable parents to chose the right car seat for their family.