When our last baby was born earlier than expected, I knew right away that we would need to buy some baby bottles that we can use to not only store breastmilk, but also to feed baby. With my middle child, we used and loved NUK, so naturally I was already gravitating towards using the same brand with the newest edition to our family. I was not too sure how successful our breastfeeding journey would be given that baby had to spend some time in the NICU, however, I was determined to make sure that baby received as much of my breastmilk as possible using the NUK range .

As soon as baby got home, one very big struggle that we experienced was warming up the breastmilk that I had kept frozen for her. The constant worry about whether the milk is the right temperature for the baby to drink and how long we would have to keep the milk/bottle in hot water in an attempt to warm the feed was a little too much to bear with everything else that we had to attend to. Then I found out about the NUK First Choice Temperature Control range. I jumped right up to go buy them and I do not regret that decision.

We have now been using the NUK First Choice Temperature Control for almost a month and they are absolutely amazing. I love that the thermometer on the container changes colour to indicate the temperature of the feed (blue is cold, white is hot, and light blue is perfect for consumption). It is a very quick, easy, and convenient way to make sure that my baby’s milk is just right for her to drink. We have moved from being constantly worried about whether the milk is okay for baby to drink to knowing exactly when the milk is just right to give to her.

I also love that I can use the breastmilk containers to store thawed breastmilk in the fridge while waiting for the next feeding session. Every breastmilk feeding session has become such a pleasure since we started using the NUK First Choice Temperature Control range.

About the Author:

Olerato is an IT specialist who’s worked in the corporate arena for over 8 years. She’s a blogger in her spare time, and has three beautiful children, Kamohelo, also known as Kbear, her son Relebohile affectionately known as Peanut and her latest little addition Bonolo, also known as Noli bear. You can follow her at (https://www.youtube.com/mommy and baby approved) and Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/mommy_and_baby_approved/).