I am a mother of two – well that’s what I tell everyone even though they see me with one child. This is my second Mother’s Day and I am going all out to celebrate it.

This year Mother’s Day is extremely important to me because my first Mother’s Day last year was a very sad one. I woke up that Sunday morning and it was not just raining, but storming. I told my husband that God is crying and I feel something bad is going to happen. I spent my day with my baby girl, Isabella Valerie Kissoon, in the NICU.

The sad part was the day after Mother’s Day I lost my three-month-old baby. Therefore, on Mother’s Day this year I am thankful and grateful to have another healthy baby girl, Elizabeth Rozaliya Kissoon, home and in my arms.

Mother’s Day is and should be important to all of us, where we not only get appreciated for the things we do for our children, but where we appreciate the opportunity of giving birth to our babies and give thanks for their lives. My Mother’s Day celebration started from this past Saturday all thanks to my husband who also sees the significance of my excitement. Surely this Mother’s Day is going to be a magical one!

Written by Kamanie Kisson