I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling I’m about to describe. That feeling you get when you’re getting ready for to take a trip? You can’t seem to talk about anything else leading up to the day. You spend weeks preparing by checking the weather, drawing up lists of what to pack or things to do when you arrive at your destination. In other words, you’re so excited you could burst!

journey-2The journey to motherhood evokes similar feelings, except there is no final destination. For me this journey has changed the core of my being, shaping me into what I hope will be a better version of myself.

While I absolutely love it, it definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park. With both my pregnancies I looked like I was carrying twins or triplets (as one thoughtful stranger “joked.”) Five months into my pregnancies, my feet could no longer fit into my shoes.

I really believe labour is easier than pregnancy. I had natural, unmedicated births with both girls and breastfeeding has been the most wonderful experience (after I endured what seemed like a pain worse than childbirth when baby first learnt to latch correctly) .Through the spit ups, the fevers and plain exhaustion, I know that the laughs, the uncomplicated and so often undeserved love and the moments that I can’t put into words really do make the journey worth it.

I never ‘lost’ me after becoming a mother. In fact, I’m discovering so much more about myself. My journey is allowing me to trim the fat in life…you know, let go of the people, places and things that aren’t any good for me.

My journey into motherhood has been raw, unedited, challenging with #nofilter yet, filled with so much grace, love and joy at the same time.