Junita’s Review

When we started our Mustela journey, Lehandro got sick and had middle ear infection. The soothing chest rub really helped us those few days. Lehandro was so relaxed after we applied the chest rub, and not once did we struggle with a stuffy or blocked nose. I was so thankful, because with a blocked nose baby’s usually don’t eat and drink well. We now use Mustela’s soothing chest rub every time he just coughs or has a runny or stuffy nose before bedtime, it makes him so much more relaxed and comfortable.

The Mustela Barrier cream is an excellent product. The moment I notice a red bum or rash on my baby, I apply the barrier cream immediately, and by the time I change the diaper again, I can already see a difference. Especially with my baby at his teething stage, this product is a life saver ! As a mom we try every bum cream when our babies have a very bad burned bum, but from now on I am only using Mustela’s barrier cream, because it truley works amazing.

This has been an excellent journey, and this product will now always be in my house and nappy bag.


  • Mustela Vitamin Barrier Bum Cream
  • Mustela Soothing Chest Rub

Reviewed By:

Junita Lategan (Instagram Handle: @junitalategan)

Nicole’s Review

Kieran was born with very sensitive skin and wasdiagnosed with eczema within the first few weeks of being born. We have had our fair share of product trials,cortisone, crème mixtures, you name it – we’ve tried it. Over the years we have just had to deal with and learn to help him along the way. Wenever used on product specifically – I think the onlyconstant was the cortisone creams with wet-wrapswhen it was at its worst.

We saw an expert Paediatric Allergologist when he was 11 months old, skin prick testing revealed an allergy to egg only at that stage –last year the Allergologist ran blood tests foregg and dog dander – which still came backpositive. He is also very much allergic to pollen and dust.

When asked to trial the Mustela Stelatopia Emollient cream and cleanser-I was very excited to see this new Sunflower seed oil range which unknown to be has inflammatory and hydration properties.

Since we know that with eczema – that the skins barrier does not function as it is supposed to, therefore the Mustela range replenishes and stimulates the skins production of lipids by using active Relipidation®, since Mustela recommend using the product in conjunction with the other products in the STELATOPIA® range.

We applied the cleansing gel to wash him in the evenings- it has a pleasant feel but does not ”soap”which is always a good sign for me.We Applied the creme morning and night to clean and dry skin on the face and body and massaged it in to help it absorb it.

In week one we had to use it in conjunction with some cortisone forabout 3 days as Kieran was in the midst of a flare-up when we started. With a fluid texture, this emollient cream reduces itching and irritations, leaving the skin hydrated,soothed, and protected against external aggressions.  Formula without parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Suitable for face and body atopic-prone skin, from birth onwards.

In week 3 we saw a significant reduce in night scratching. This for me was the biggest and best part of our trial. For a good night sleep- I think you can give anything a 5 star review!

To Help keep flare-ups at bay – we highly recommend the Mustela Sunflower oilrange to any parent needing a skin care product for their eczema prone child. Whether using it as a maintenance product to reduce flair-ups or just for sensitive or dry skin – I think Mustela’s innovative ways to find naturally derived ingredients to help atopic-prone skin has a huge thumbs up from this allergy mama!

  • Stelatopia Cleansing Gel
  • Stelatopia Emoillent Cream

Reviewed By:

Nicole McEnderry (Instagram Handle: @raising.k.squared)

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