Finding out that you’re expecting is one of life’s most exciting events. For me it felt like a miracle and a curse each time. I have always wanted children and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is currently eight months old and now I am expecting baby number two.

After a successful pregnancy, one would assume the next one would be stress-free, but sometimes it is not so simple. My fears stem from two early miscarriages before my daughter. So besides the fact that this new pregnancy was a complete surprise to my husband and me, it also brought up a lot of anxiety from my previous experiences.

To have survived so far, I’ve had to cope by implementing simple strategies to keep angst at bay. Here they are:

Naming baby

I found that giving our baby a name before birth helped to make the baby real and less focused on what could go wrong in pregnancy. Referring to her by name has strengthened my faith, my bond with her and settled some nervous energy.

Get support

Allowing our parents to support us by accompanying me to check-ups and scans has had positive returns. The excitement of the grandparents has truly been contagious and uplifting.

Minutes to panic

I give myself a few minutes to freak out about the things that scare me. I put a limit on the time so that I can acknowledge my concerns without it becoming all-consuming.

Morning motivation

Every morning I wake up intentionally saying that everything will be okay, and then I pray for positivity, to be brave, and for the safety of my baby.

Everything in time

Pregnancy comes with expectations, like announcements on social media, preparing the nursery, stockpiling baby items, etc. I still haven’t bought everything I require as it triggers distress. To take pressure off, we waited as long as it took to feel ready to make an announcement to our family, and later, publicly.

We all have different coping mechanisms. As long as these mechanisms don’t affect our wellbeing or the wellbeing of baby, it is fine.

by Michele Fortuin (Effortlessly Mish)