1 x Pair of scissors

1 x White craft glue

1 x Glue stick

1 X Colour paper

1 X Empty toilet roll

1 X Pair of googly eyes

1 x Pair of big white felt balls

1 x Pair of small felt balls

2 X Reams of coloured cellophane

1 x Sheet of coloured tissue paper

Step 1

Cut the coloured paper in half, spread the glue stick over it and stick the toilet roll to it.








Step 2

Cut the cellophane and tissue paper into strips and glue them to the inside of the toilet roll.







Step 3

Glue the small felt balls on one end of the roll.






Step 4

Glue the googly eyes to the big white felt balls and stick them onto the other end of the roll to complete your dragon.






If you blow into the roll or take the dragon outside on a windy day, the cellophane and tissue paper will move, giving the effect of a fire-breathing dragon.