When the Little Tikes Push n Glow fish arrived for Piper she was only about two months old, which meant big brother Carter got first dibs at her new toy. So, off the bat it’s safe to say that this is the kind of toy that appeals to all ages, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a fish (Nemo found), has bright lights and makes noises. What more could an inquisitive child ask for?

Now that Piper has just turned six months I’ve wrestled it from the three-year-old and given it to her for a test run. Like all things handed to her, it goes straight into her mouth. When not being gnawed at, though, she is fascinated by the bright lights and fun noises and I can leave her with it while I get ready in the mornings. As any mom knows, this is a huge blessing!

I’ve also given it to her to play with on our laminate flooring, and I’m pretty sure I can see her trying to move with it as she scoots across the ground. Looks like Little Tikes will be getting my kid crawling soon!

I really like that the toy is chunky and sturdy and can withstand a lot of drool, dropping and pushing. From an education point of view it’s fantastic for her sensory development, and keeps her entertained and giggling, which is always a pleasure to watch.

I’m looking forward to watching her learn to crawl with her Push n Glow fish and introducing her to more Little Tikes toys as she gets older. But not too soon: she needs to stay a baby a little while longer!