The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop from Prima Toys kept Cole busy for the longest time. Not only did he enjoy playing with this amazing toy but we also had such a great time watching him discover the different sounds and lights in the workshop.

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop has a green plastic hammer that toddlers can use to hit three different coloured nails. Cole soon learnt that each nail played a unique sound when he struck it with the hammer.

This toy also came with two yellow balls to put into the drill press at the top. Once the lever was pulled, the ball dropped. Cole was so excited with this feature that he kept repeating it over and over again.

One of the benefits of The Little Tikes Sounds Workshop is that it is extremely light weight, so Cole could carry it around on his own. It also does not have any sharp edges so it’s perfectly safe to play with and there is no risk of him getting hurt. The colours of the workshop are bright and bold and help to hold the attention of any toddler. The subtle flashing lights were also quite a hit with Cole. He loves seeing the lights go on every time he hits a nail. The workshop was definitely designed to captivate toddlers, promote visual comprehension and hand-eye coordination as Cole could not put it down.

Since using the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop, I have seen quite an improvement in Cole’s motor skills. His hand-eye coordination is right where it needs to be. He drops the balls in perfectly, hits the nails on the head and dances to the beat of the music that plays from the workshop.

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop is also helping him to build his personality from an early start as it is has helped him discover his love for music.

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop from Prima Toys is a total hit for me because it is great stimulation for my little one. Thank you MamaMagic and Prima Toys for helping Cole learn new sounds and discover his love for music. It certainly brought joy to our whole family!

By Tracy Dawson from Liam & Cole – The Blog

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