During my first pregnancy I had more time to enjoy the experience ‒ I took pictures of my tummy as the trimesters passed, and when my daughter was born that magical time continued with monthly photos, a detailed record of her milestones, and the first year was rounded off with a party.

I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else in the world as much as I did Amy. How could a mother’s heart hold that much love? I fell pregnant again, and the time passed more quickly, with fewer photos taken of my growing belly as I now had a busy toddler to look after. My son was born, and my heart grew to make room for all that new love.

But with the love came the challenge of balancing a demanding two-year-old with a newborn baby. I had to try and think of entertainment that we could enjoy together, and that is still the biggest task I face today with Amy now four, and Ethan 23 months. It’s challenging when Amy wants to build a 50-piece puzzle and Ethan can’t yet join in, or when she wants to colour in with kokis and he should still be using crayons.

I try to suggest activities we can enjoy together, like painting outdoors, playing with playdough, or riding bikes. When he naps I can enjoy some one-on-one time with Amy, helping her with those activities that she wants to do, but which are impractical for a one-year-old join to in with. The weekends are easier, since Dad is home to help me balance being a mom to two busy bodies.

It’s hard to give them each quality time, and we still have a tussle sometimes when they both want to sit on my lap. I’m teaching them there’s always room on my lap for them both, and that they need to share.

I spend time at the end of each day alone with Amy to chat about her day, and it’s my goal to do this with Ethan when he’s older too. I know things will get easier as they grow up, but for now I’m embracing the juggling act and loving this time of my life with my two most treasured children.

Lisa Trollip

Lisa Trollip is married to her best friend and co-op buddy Wayne, and they have two beautiful children together: a bubbly, fun-loving, and adventurous little girl named Amy who is three, and a new little man named Ethan who has already stolen her heart even though he is only one year old.

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