Meet the experts who regularly share their knowledge and insights by writing articles for Milestones:

Dr Melodie de Jager is a developmental specialist D.Phil (RAU) and the founder of BabyGym® Institute International. Her ground-breaking research has been acknowledge internationally with the Visions of the Future award and nomination by the American Biographical Institute as one of the Greatest Women of the 21st Century. She is a well-known television and radio personality and the author of more than 10 books.

Dr. Angela Gilhespie (B. Sc, BDS.) received her dental degree from the University of London (UK). She has over 30 years’ experience in private practice, mostly limited to children. She published a book; ‘The ABC’s of children’s teeth: a 21st Century guide for parents’ in 2008 which focuses on the early prevention of dental disease. She writes & lectures widely on dental prevention to the public, as well as medical and dental professionals.

Charine Glen-Spyron is the owner of Medi-Screen Namibia. She is a Clinical Psychologist currently based in Windhoek Namibia. She returned to Namibia in January 2016, 9 years after completing her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Johannesburg, working in State Mental Health facilities and in community settlements, and for the past 2 years, running her own private health care centre in Johannesburg. Charine has extensive experience in working with young parents, adolescents and young children. She has written numerous articles for leading magazines as well as co-hosted and appeared on TV and radio talk shows.
Qualified as a clinical psychologist since 1993, Colinda Linde specialises in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), a short-term, practical, tools-based form of therapy, which has also been proven to be effective in anxiety, depression, stress and many other areas. Mindfulness and meditation are proving to be excellent additions to the CBT approach, and Colinda uses both extensively. Working mainly with anxiety (panic, social anxiety), stress management and work-life balance, Colinda is known for her ‘toolkit’ of tricks and tips. She also believes in access for mental health for all, and to this end has been a Director- and current Chairperson of the Board – at SADAG (the largest mental health advocacy group in Africa) since 1999. Colinda has published a book: “Get the balance right- coping strategies for working moms” (Metz press, 2005) and created many eBooks as well as two audio books on her self-help CBT site Colinda is married and a working mom of 13 year old twins, who were the inspiration for her first book.
Cheryl Meyer is a registered dietitian, nutrition consultant and food blogger based in Johannesburg. She believes that good nutrition can fit into a busy, modern lifestyle and focuses on sharing tools and recipes to help inspire and equip you to enjoy nutritious, delicious food with your families!
Petro Thamm is the African representative for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and the only certified sleep consultant in Africa ,trained by Dana Obleman from Sleep Sense TM Institute in America. She heads up Good Night – Child Sleep Consultancy. She specializes in baby and toddler sleep and helping parents struggling with their child’s sleep by using positive sleep solutions and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy type treatments.