“Hiiiii …” with a little, yet husky voice.

Is all I look forward to when it’s home time.

It’s amazing how quickly you have grown into a young, yet so little man.

Holding you in my arms felt like magic.


A year later, all I can hear is stories when I get home of mumbling words.

I am not sure what to make of them.

But I am pretty sure it’s you telling me how your day was.

A year ago I could only imagine who you would look like,

What would be your first word and how it would warm my heart the day you said “Mom”.


A year later, you were here.

I must say you look like your father. From head to toe.

I would joke around each day and say you betrayed me: I carried you for a full nine months and you came out looking like your father.

Even so, to say you are head over heels about him.

You came out perfect; there is nothing I would ever change about you.


Your smile, the amount of times you make us laugh.

Your naughtiness, the sleepless nights, better yet when you call me “Mom” my heart melts.


The truth is I never imagined the day I would become a mom.

The day someone else would steal my heart.

The day I decided to live for no one else but you.

I never imagined the day someone’s smile would make me feel like the whole world was complete.

It’s been the most hectic year with your health, but I could never grow tired of parenting you.


I want you to go out there and live life as if no one promised you tomorrow.

Because in fact no one did.



Savela’s mom – Busie Nkosi