Baby Republic
Stand Number: A5

Baby Republic Clothing specialises in the stud-less babygrow with elasticated backing. All baby wear is 100% cotton and produced locally. 

Baby Sense
Stand Number: Baby City

The objective of Baby Sense is to provide quality calming baby care products and services for parents of babies. It starts with a strong foundation of expert knowledge and practical learning, and results in beautiful, practical and well-researched products that moms across the country have come to rely on.

Banz World
Stand Number: C25

Banz World, incorporating Baby & Kidz Banz, offers a range of carewear for kids and babies that includes eye, sound and skin protection, noise cancelling earmuffs, hats, costumes, swim peaks, flexible sunglasses and launching a new range of Chameleon Sunglasses for toddlers. All products meet the highest EU and US standards.

Cape Kids Collaborative
Stand Number: E8

Cape Kids Collaborative is a collaboration between proudly local small brands and business with the aim of connecting the customer with the products of the proudly local maker on larger national platforms such as markets, exhibitions and event shows. We are passionate about supporting local.

Dandy Lion
Stand Number: A1

Dandy Lion – 100% Locally produced, handmade business. Each item is made from start to finish in Cape Town, South Africa. Dandy Lion has become synonymous with handmade quality amongst South Africans. Lehani follows her heart to create clothes that foster adventure, encourage self-expression and are destined to be dreamy, durable wardrobe favourite’s.