Grayson is my second born, so when it came to introducing him to solids I thought I knew what I was doing. I also thought I had all that I needed to get him going. Then, when strolling around a baby market one day, I came across the Burabi stand. The item that immediately caught my attention was the silicone squeeze spoon. It looked like the ideal piece to add to my weaning artillery.

It was an absolute hit with both Grayson and myself! This flexible spoon was soft and gentle on his little gums. It gave him the chance to try feed himself without the purees going all over the place as with a normal spoon.

One of the other features I love is the handy lid that allows you to store leftover food without a fuss. The fact that it can go in the dishwasher was amazing. We even took it with us when we went overseas and it was so useful! I would recommend the squeeze spoon to any mom starting to wean their baby.

About the Author:

Jenni Moss is a mommy blogger from Cape Town. She is a mom to two boys. She blogs @thewife_lifeblog.