If there’s one baby product I simply cannot live without, it has to be wet wipes. Since my children were born, I have made every effort to surround myself with the best quality wet wipes. As a family, we fell in love with the Baby Dove Wipes on the first try.

I love the sleek packaging, and its clean, fresh design. As you open the package, the first thing you notice is the beautifully fresh smell of the wipes. It gives you that ‘clean’ feeling when you smell it.

The wipes have the correct amount of moisture in my opinion, not too wet, but certainly wet enough to clean grease off any toddler’s grimy hands and face.

The packaging has also been designed to keep the moisture in with its (rather) sticky flap, which is always a bonus where little people are concerned. The wipes are also alcohol-free, so there is no chance of drying out the skin, and because it’s a hypo-allergenic product, it won’t cause any irritation.

Any parent would be pleased to use Baby Dove Wipes as part of their daily routine, because it’s great for delicate and sensitive skin and the price makes this luxurious brand very affordable as well.

About the author: Teixeira Murray, creator of Mama Is Me SA blog

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