Looking back on 2019, I ask myself ‘where did the year go?’ The minutes turned into hours; the hours turned into days. The seasons went through their annual cycle and here we are again, getting summer-ready, doing gift shopping and already filling up our 2020 calendar. But as the year rolls-on, there is no greater sign that times is passing than by watching my children grow up.

A year ago to my one-year old daughter, the idea of a Christmas tree was nothing more than pretty lights flickering on and off. This year, however, these beautifully decorated trees actually make her stop dead in her tracks and excitedly exclaim, “Wow.” Her eyes widen and her jaw drops as she marvels at the beauty of these trees.

When I reflect on becoming a parent almost six years ago, I realise that as my children grow, so do I. I don’t sweat the small things anymore. I try to treasure the ‘firsts’ knowing that they happen once and I have learned to pause and enjoy the moment more when I am with them!

What I love about this time of the year is seeing the magic of Christmas come alive in the eyes and minds of my children, the many hours we get to spend rolling on the grass splashing through muddy puddles and burying our feet in the sand.

The festive season is a great opportunity to slow down and celebrate family, create new traditions with your children and enjoy the simple things in life like lots of hugs, kisses and fun under the African sun. These are often the things we take for granted and neglect throughout the year, but I am always reminded that these are the things that my children, desire and need.

Warren Murray

Father and MamaMagic Brand Director

A proud father of two, husband, son, friend and trusted advisor in the exhibition arena, Warren has been an active voice in the parenting community for years. Warren is a keen promoter and follower of all the latest trends and tools to make parenting easier and more rewarding and has become a parenting influencer among his peers, often focusing on the lighthearted side of parenting.

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