I always thought things would be different, had greater wishes and of course different needs. When I met my Prince Charming, my thoughts were nowhere close to that. I was 23, but 14 at heart. All I ever wanted to do was to club, huff and puff, and that’s all. We met at a club, by which time he was ready: ready for the finer things in life, ready to receive and, of course, ready to settle. I was nowhere close to ready for that, but the hunter in him understood.

He settled for friendship. With that friendship came endless movie dates, long hours of telephone calls and the carefree exchanging of secrets. That went on for three years of our lives, but who am I kidding? I could never complain – this was the best friend any woman could ever ask for. Three years later we both decided to take our relationship further – my Prince Charming went from being my best friend to the man of my dreams. Still nothing has changed to this day; he spoils me with flowers and sweet text messages. He is the one that gives up his social life to come home and cook for me. My word, he spins my world around, around and one more time around. I have seen him go from being a man with bad habits and changing them into good ones, also graduating with his LLB Masters. And he has seen me growing physically and mentally, and also change jobs until I found the one I am comfortable with.

Years later, I wonder what I have done to deserve such love all in one go. In February this year we discovered that we’re expecting our little Mr Bundle of Great Joy later this year. The news never changed anything about how we feel about each other. Instead, we are waiting in anticipation for the arrival of our little man and we cannot begin to express our joy. Each morning I wake up, I thank the Lord for the right choice of man: gentle, loving and caring.

We may not be married as yet, but that’s where our plans are headed with no doubt. We also plan to travel the world as much as we want to, however we want to. We both share dreams and one day we would love to tick off that bucket list together.

Signed Busie (Mum, Magic Maker and Finance Co-ordinator)