Mom, Ma, Mommy, Mama, Mother…This month Pampers Premium Care is celebrating You!

We know that motherhood has its triumphs, and we also know that it has its challenges. Pampers Premium Care wants to be on this journey with you. To celebrate the strong mothers, cherish the precious parenting moments, and help you when you need it the most. So, celebrate motherhood with us by signing up for FREE to access videos from the Pampers Parenting Toolkit.

Pampers Parenting Toolkit

Yummy Mommy Fitness

Pampers Premium Care is Celebrating moms, we get practical about the importance of movement for a physical and mental boost when you need it most. Sports Science Practitioner and owner of Yummy Mommies, Kim Tamsin Williams gives us some fun and easy pre- and post-natal workouts to try at home.

Pack It Up – Hospital Bag

Doula with a Sense of Humour, Romy Titus, unpacks the absolute essentials and “nice-to-haves” for hospital bags for mom and baby. Pack it all in with the ultimate checklist to get you going.

New Mom Essential Skills

Pampers Premium Care is celebrating moms. We know that the road leading to motherhood can seem overwhelming, Nursing Sister and Midwife, Nicole Tshimanga introduces new mom essential skills that you will need. From breastfeeding to bathing your baby, she’ll show you how it’s done.

Sensational Sleep

Put your sleep concerns to bed with Una Van Staden. With sleep advice that benefits baby and mom, she shows us all we need to know from safe sleep to putting baby down with some self-soothing techniques.

Bonding Delights: Baby Massage

Early Childhood Development Specialist and Massage Guru, Cleo de Wet demonstrates various massage techniques that not only benefit your little one, but enhance your bond and time spent together in the most relaxing sense possible.

So Yum! So Healthy

In a world that demands more, channel your energy in the kitchen effectively, while still producing delicious, healthy snacks and meals. Dietician Nathalie Mat shows you how because a little bit of extra time for you, mom, is a little bit of well-deserved “me” time.

Mindful Mama

Life Coach, Psychometrist and Self-Mastery Expert Khadija Mia brings mom’s mental wellbeing into focus through this much needed guide. Explore and experience practical coping mechanisms like breathing exercises, sensory now experiences and a guided meditation exercise that will enhance your well-being.

The Family That Plays

Your little one explores our world and all it has to offer through play. OT, Keila Kalil-Zackey delves into various stages of growth and age appropriate activities for play time. Dive in moms, the play will do you some good too.

Live With Inspirational Moms from the Community

Join in on the lives on the MamaMagic Social Media pages, where popular mommy influencers speak to exceptional real moms in the community.

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