Local Finalist

The Local category acknowledges locally designed or created products.

2017 Finalists

Premium NulaPod

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The NulaPod is the Ultimate bed for baby. It is a replica of the mothers womb, allowing a snug feel around baby’s body.

The Dino Onesies from The Urban Collection crafted by Schnooky Pie.

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The Dino Onesie is made from soft quilted fabric and is trimmed with little pleather dino spikes down the hoodie.

2016 Finalists

Disney Winnie the Pooh Shooshoos Collection

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Shooshoos are inspired by Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tiger. Available in sizes 0-24 months, our handcrafted leather shoes are friendly and fun. Honey-soft suede soles protect little feet and promise a good grip without preventing natural development. Only Pooh approved, genuine leather is good enough.

2015 Finalists

B.O.N Liquid Gold Hydrating Bath Oil

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B.O.N’s Hydrating Bath Oil is made from natural and essential oils. Designed to Soothe, Relax and Decongest. Add the Bath Oil (consisting mainly of Grape Seed Oil), to hot running water and it blooms beautifully into the water, gently nourishing dry, itchy and sensitive skin. B.O.N’s Bath Oil also contains Eucalyptus & Lavender to naturally soothe and relax body and mind.

Rock-Sheep by Wellmann Designs

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Rock-Sheep is a trendy South African way to rock yourself into Karoo inspired bliss. This functional product which been developed and tested for endless enjoyment for many years to come. The product design’s focus is on durability and quality. Each individual unit is manufactured from wood, upholstered with padding and finally covered with sheepskin.

ELLI Organic Baby Bum Care

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This organic balm is an effective barrier cream as the natural oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, and combined with natural beeswax creates a protective coating. It is also a healing and soothing balm due to the skin repair, nutritional and cell-rejuvenating properties of the active ingredients, very effective for nappy rash and minor skin ailments. The bum care has a soft pleasant aroma, helping baby relax. Packaged in a tube with easy and hygienic application.

Feva Star Seat

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The Feva Star Seat is a bicycle accessory child seat made from foam rubber that is specifically designed for adult  mountain bikes.


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