Baby Essentials

Baby essentials include, but aren’t limited to: toiletries, nappies, teething accessories, bath accessories, clothing, changing mats, nightlights, sleep sacks

2017 Finalists

BabyWombWorld Portable Mesh Nebuliser Kit

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The BabyWombWorld Portable Nebuliser uses a vibrating mesh that changes the medication from a liquid into a fine mesh.

Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby Sensitive Body Cream

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Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby Sensitive Cream Wash is formulated to protect the skin’s microbiome with the inclusion of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients.

Pure Beginnings 100% Natural Insect Repellent Spray

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Pure Beginnings 100% Natural Insect Repellent spray with citronella, lemon eucalyptus, neem and lemon bush. Naturally repels insects. DEET FREE – safe to use on babies and kids.

BabyDam Bath Barrier

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BabyDam divides your bath, making your adult bath a babies bath. Saving up to 75% bath water, babydam grows as your baby grows, suitable for toddlers.

Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash

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Baby Dove is different because it actively replenishes lipids and moisture lost through bathing and moisture from within the skin. Baby Dove offers a unique range of products that provide, uniquely-mild cleansers that replenish skin lipids. Constantly working to maintain skin’s natural barrier, actively restoring lost moisture to keep the skin barrier hydrated. Helps to Maintain and enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture and helps preserve and minimise damage to skin-natural lipids and proteins, further helping to maintain the skin barrier and overall skin quality.

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