Five Steps To Instil An Attitude of Gratitude

Summer holidays, Christmas, family visits – this time of the year also means gifts, sweets and other treats, especially when small children are involved. The end of the year seems to be all about spoiling little ones, and some parents worry that it will spoil them,...

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NOT The Terrible Twos

Many parents dread the “terrible twos”, that period of defiance and – notoriously – tantrums in a young child’s life. But maybe we have got it wrong. Clinical Psychologist Michelle Nortje suggested we are thinking about it all wrong, and should instead be celebrating...

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Bringing home baby#2

Bringing home baby#2 Introducing your new baby to your ‘old’ baby is often not an easy task, and it can stir up strong emotions of jealously and insecurity in a first born. It goes without saying that this is not ideal, so in order to help spur on the bond between...

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Big-bed Time

Big-bed Time Are you thinking about moving your little tot into a big bed, or are you perhaps currently struggling with the upgrade? It’s often not an easy move, but there are simple things you can do to make it a smoother transition.

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Keep Your Toddler Safe this Summer

Keep Your Toddler Safe this Summer Summer is here and you’re most likely planning and looking forward to your holiday; making lists of fun-filled activities and places to go. However, are you planning for a safe holiday? Sadly, summer holidays are a time when toddlers...

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Toddlers need boundaries

Toddlers need boundaries By Anne Cawood In my opinion, and based on my many years’ of experience as both a mother to four children and grandmother to four grandchildren, as well as a parent and child counsellor, toddlerhood is the most crucial stage of development for...

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